Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Disclaimer of Sorts...

As a side note. I'm always apprehensive to post pictures of my house, (stupid? yes, but follow along) because so many blogs are full of beautiful, serene homes, tastefully decorated, and always immaculately clean.

This isn't one of those blogs! =) My house is a work in progress (and if you saw the slew of 70's decor we're battling, you'd understand that its a gradual process) I have plans for every room, but have to wait for money and time.

There are toys in the middle of the floor, there's likely to be a basket of laundry in the background, and there's a good chance you'll find handprints on my mirrors (and washer, and oven, and some windows)

Life with a 3 year old, I constantly clean, and I never get to stop! :) So at any moment, there is likely chaos ensuing in another room.

I have white walls, brown carpeting (uh...orange/brown/yellow combo in the kitchen, nice!) and a 70's bathroom that makes me sad to even go in it. (you should see my drawer of paint chips, yes DRAWER, because I've spent so much time picking paint colors, just waiting to be used!)

But...it is what it is for now. :) So, ignore the clutter in the background, try to say something nice about my kitchen (its harder than you might think!) and stick around, because at least this way you'll get to share in my GLEE when each room gets painted/decorated/torn apart! :)


Corinne R. said...

Uh...yeah, you've seen MY house and I don't have the excuse of a three year old running around.....BTW, I must have missed the post were you gave the kittens away, MUwahhhhhaha!!!

hiccupp said...

Yeah, I must have missed the post where you graciously offered to take them in!! awww! Corinne, you're a gal!

and yes, you have no excuse. You so darn lazy! Sheesh! Maybe you should get a hobby to use all that free time you have! Like...craft shows, or sheep raising, or egg collecting, or garden tending, or feeding a small farm. Maybe then you'd have an excuse!


Galadriel Thompson said...

I would love to see pics of your house! I love seeing the spaces people live in.
I want a small farm!

ahna said...

OK, I just can't work that hard to make my house look good for all the great folks on line. I can hardly get the dishes done and kiddos dressed. Fear not and post away. It's life, after all. :-)

hiccupp said...

lol thanks ahna ;)