Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Volume Guessing Man!

Since youtube won't let me imbed, you'll have to settle for one of my favorite audio clips...ever.

It seemed appropriate today:

Bonus points to anyone who knows its origin. =)

Happy Thanksgiving you turkeys! Drive safe, eat well, and let's all check in later to report our new waist girth! (and for those of you insane - er, motivated - enough to head out at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow, like my husband, I'll be thinkin' of ya! ...and by thinkin' of ya I mean curled up in a semi-coma-like state in my bed.)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our first attempt at "organized" sports

- mine in the middle -

I blame the following events entirely on the child's mother. My people are not an athletic people. We seem to create breed of human that is either A. a crafty, artsy breed. or B. freakishly smart - physics, neurobiology, computers and the like. I can't think of any of us who really excelled in sports. We DO them, grudgingly. Some of us may even willingly and intentionally exercise, but that's as far as we go. Let's not get carried away. So all my fault. The fact that he WANTS to play, all dad. The fact that he plays the way he does, ....sorry 'bout that!

- before practice started, open space + little boys = run! -

- none of the children have faces!! or...I'm just learning photoshop, and didn't learn how to blur until midway through these pictures -

So, soccer. 3-5 year olds, indoor. (its November. I don't think the kids would care. We parents, however, do better in a climate controlled setting.) Now I knew, this would be a mess. His first attempt at sports (aside from the disaster that was gymnastics, we never went back.) and...being prone to his father's attention span ;) the odds were not in his favor. He actually did quite well...until....

- Foul? Off sides? -

So we wrangle him back to his side, only now, we add help.

- I'm watchin' you punk. -

So now dad's standing guard. Ready to go should 'flash' find something else to do. And he does...

- dad's on it. -

Why does he keep running? because he's just following the ball. The other team was kicking, HIS team was listening to instruction. Duh! Drop these losers and head over to the fun side! this point, a trip to the hall was made, with a chat about staying with your team, and listening to coach, or you would find yourself in the car on the way home. Much to his dismay.

Ok, things are looking better. I'm 97.3% sure he's not LISTENING, but he's sitting. On his side. We'll take it.


I'd pay money to hear this conversation. In all honesty, I think was being very nice, and telling him how to do something. But I'm convinced he was offering money and candy if he'd just stay put. But....

we made it through. I was only 20% bothered that mine was the only "runner" while all the other kids stood, listened, and participated. Maybe 45%. Give or take. But he was thrilled to get a shirt. ....That he can wear until he graduates from high school. We might hit the sewing machine and see if we can't hem that bad boy a bit.

That's my boy! At least he'll be smart!

Monday, November 12, 2007

NaBloPoMo - No Mo'

In case you haven't noticed, or - like me - just can't keep track of days, I missed posting on Friday. *sigh*

In my defense, I was having a lovely time with Steph and Rob (Eddie's sister and her husband). We went to their aunt's for pizza, put the kids to bed, chatted for a bit, and a bit after 11, they decided to head home while the kids were sleeping, rather than the next morning. (Anyone with small kids knows, 4 hours in the car is best done with sleeping kids) I helped them get ready (aka, I had the very important "hold the baby" job) ;) and they hit the road a bit after midnite. Well....that made it Saturday. So even though I planned to post, alas, it was too late.

So then I sulked. Because good intentions don't write blog posts. But oh well, snuggling softly snoring babies always wins.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Uber Thursday

Thursday is boring post day! Hurrah! (no comments about EVERY day being boring post day around here!)

I have uber cute pictures of my uber cute son with my uber cute nephew. uber stupid computer doesn't want to uber-find them. I promise, they're cute.

My SIL and BIL got here today, and it was the first time I got to SEE the new babe. ....He's uber cute! As is his big sister. He's also uber cuddly. And he smells nice. And he's soft. And he has teeny tiny socks. And...and....and....swoon.

So between the excitement of long lost cousins (ok, they really saw each other not too long ago, but ask them and its been EONS) and new baby, and going out to eat with long lost cousins, everyone was uber-pooped tonite. Including me.

Goodnite uber-readers!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Talking Cats...

No, I'm not posting the video. I'm sure you've seen it. I was looking for it to send it to a friend, and tried google-ing "talking cats video" thinking that would solve my dilemma. Not so.

Did you KNOW there were so many talking cat videos on the internet?? (I should have known, it IS the internet) But holy cow! ...and not even the one I wanted.

So go ahead sometime when you're having trouble sleeping, google 'talking cats' and spend the next 4 days watching them all. Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sometimes you're just too tired... even eat your snack.
This was a couple of nights ago. Zach pulled his usual "I'm HUN-gryyyyyy" complete with pitiful whine and pouty lip. We've learned this is nothing more than a ploy to get out of bed. So every so often we'll let him come down for a piece of bread. (keep in mind, he's NOT hungry, he's hoping to stay up later, so bread)
Normally he'll eat his slice of bread, and we go on our merry way back to bed. This time...the poor kid crumbled. :) I'd tried to wake him twice to eat, and he just kept muttering "I'm just eating my bread", without even opening his eyes. If I tried to lift him, "I'm just still eating". I'd sit him up, remind him to eat, and before I got 10 feet away, he'd be losing the battle and on his way down.
But he held the bread.

He did finally give in, and let me take him back to bed. Poor kid. You know he's pooped if he's too tired to EAT. ...he gets that from his mother.

Monday, November 5, 2007


Bah...we went out for pizza with some friends tonite - a lovely time - but I ordered some pasta bake thing instead (I'm not a huge fan of their pizza. Shh! Don't tell anyone, its a sin around these parts!) I'm convinced the pepsi and pasta have created some chemical reaction, swelled to double their size, and now its sitting in my stomach like a lump. Ugh...

I feel like I need to walk 10 miles. Oh, except for the fact that its November. In Illinois. And very windy. And dark.

....scratch the walk.

I'll just go do more of this...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I have an idea...

I'll be back in a bit....


Back! With this:

My prototype if you will. Its a bit rough around the edges, but the basic idea is there, and it works! (forgive the off colors...that room is INSANELY yellow light, and I'm still learning photoshop....)

And if you haven't caught on (understandably!) its a placemat. More importantly, its a placemat for Zach. I was wiping the scum off - er...wiping the table down after dinner, and thinking to myself how disgusting milk dribbles are when you apparently miss some from the night before. And how I have a tablecloth, but that's in the pile of laundry to go in next because its dirty. And buying more tablecloths won't help, because I still don't want to strip and replace it every day.

(yes, my thought processes are lengthy and complicated!) :)

After all that, it finally occurred to me - PLACEMAT! *smacks forehead* duh!

I can make a dozen of them and just toss them in to be washed when he trashes one. With a placemat to take the brunt of it, the table will survive another day! Hurrah!

And just for kicks, I made it double-sided. I used some fabric I'd bought from jcasa a few months back. They were a couple of the larger scraps, and I've been wanting to use the tractor print to make SOMETHING for the boy! He loves that tractor fabric!

So, its a bit rough, but not bad for a fast attempt at 9:30 at night. =) Next version will be a bit bigger, and not so wonky (I hope!) but all in all, I'm pretty pleased with it.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Good Sweater

Let's hope this posts, dunno what happened last nite. It supposedly posted, but wasn't there this morning and was hanging out in the "draft" section. Weird. ANYWHOO!

Today was the day. The day I've been dreading for weeks. The day that could have ruined all of my hopes.

Family Picture Day.
Why dread such an ordinary task? Wellllll, I'll tell you!

A. I officially and literally LOATHE pictures of myself. I don't care what pep talk you give me (because people always try) I *cringe* looking at pictures of myself. I'm (generally) ok with myself in person (though there are definitely cringing days!) but I'm SO. NOT. photogenic. Even a little. At all. None. I have this bizarre shaped head/face that does weird things in pictures, and the double chin pops up, and my hair looks insane, and my pores are huge, and, and, and ...and it ruins my life. Every stinkin' time! ;)

B. I have a 3 year old son who thinks no human should ever sit for more than 2 minutes at a time. What a waste! So I had fears of him either running off camera, or having a major meltdown/tantrum.

BUT....they went really well! My head is still strange, and he did run off camera...twice...but he was easily bribed with pieces of candy cane. I'm not against bribery if it means getting adorable shots of the boy! :) And OH! was he adorable!
I got to have a peek (this is the photographer friend I work for, so of course I got to have a peek!) and there were some cute ones! Since the last successful picture was Christmas 3 years ago, when Zach was 3 months old, I consider this a victory! *phew!*

That's me, happy, because I will have photographic evidence that I was at one time, in the same room with my son and husband. Because up until now, there are maybe 5 pictures with me IN them.

Hi, my name is Sarah, and I have fuzzy hair and a weird shaped noggin.

See? See how it gets oddly narrow? ugh...Yes, I'm strange, I'm aware. :)

The other good news, and the reason I look so artsy-fartsy above, is my new sweater. I love my new sweater. I'll buy 10 more like it. In the same color if I have to. I don't care.





See? See how wonderfully black and forgiving it is? See how it makes me look decent even though my husband felt the need to take this picture at a 40-billion degree angle? *love* (the sweater and the husband)

After pictures, I stayed to work for a few hours. I was a bit bummed because Husband and The Boy were going to a friend's house for homemade soup, cookies, and a football game. (only 2 of those interest me, I'll let you guess)

Well, much to my delight and surprise, she sent home a container of homemade beef vegetable soup, peanut butter/chocolate chip/peanut cookies of some sort, rice krispie treats, and sweet rolls. YUM-MY. Zach and I had the soup and rolls for dinner tonite while Eddie's at work. Yum. So so good. And I didn't have to cook. Even better!

I'm trying to keep myself occupied to keep from devouring the other 2 rolls. I'm not sure what they're actually called, I call them sweet rolls, they're those yeasty/knot rolls that I love. We used to make them at Thanksgiving, they were one of my mom's "things". (Woman would throw a tantrum about store bought rolls at any major holiday) I might have to pull out the recipe and make a batch. Or 10. *shrug* :)

Well, my new sweater and I are headed for the couch. We may or may not be joined by a buttered sweet roll and some Pepsi. I can't say for certain, but pictures are over and I can always hit the gym on Monday to make up for it, so the odds are in my favor. ;)

Friday, November 2, 2007

Just Barely

But it is Nov. 2, so it counts. 10 minutes to midnite, and here I am.

I'll see you tomorrow! :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

National Blog Posting Month

...apparently. I was over at tree fall where she made mention of doing NaBloPoMo. WTHeck are you talking about?

That's what I said! So, I looked into it. Apparently November is National Blog Posting Month. Who knew? Well, ok....apparently A LOT of people knew, judging by the
site. So the idea is, you 'sign up' to post EVERY. DAY. for the month of November. Every day? EVERY DAY??? Do you KNOW how many days are in November? 30!! 30 days!

Now, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but me posting every day is normally about as likely as me....building a particle accelerator. (I leave that to my cousin Justin, no kidding) So anyway, the odds are not in my favor, but I thought it'd be a good challenge. If he can build a particle accelerator - and other I'm sure useful things I can't spell or pronounce without help - I can manage a month of posting. See, I THINK about posting every day, I usually HAVE something to post, its just sitting my scatter-brained self down, and holding my attention long enough to load some pictures. :) Thus, I thought it'd be a good challenge. Making me actually blog what I'm already considering blogging! :)

So...fingers crossed! Let's see if I can do this!

...oh and the picture? Just because I feel weird posting with no pictures in a post. And just to prove that sometimes, there's no point arguing with a 3 year old boy....