Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our first attempt at "organized" sports

- mine in the middle -

I blame the following events entirely on the child's mother. My people are not an athletic people. We seem to create breed of human that is either A. a crafty, artsy breed. or B. freakishly smart - physics, neurobiology, computers and the like. I can't think of any of us who really excelled in sports. We DO them, grudgingly. Some of us may even willingly and intentionally exercise, but that's as far as we go. Let's not get carried away. So this...is all my fault. The fact that he WANTS to play, all dad. The fact that he plays the way he does, ....sorry 'bout that!

- before practice started, open space + little boys = run! -

- none of the children have faces!! or...I'm just learning photoshop, and didn't learn how to blur until midway through these pictures -

So, soccer. 3-5 year olds, indoor. (its Illinois...in November. I don't think the kids would care. We parents, however, do better in a climate controlled setting.) Now I knew, this would be a mess. His first attempt at sports (aside from the disaster that was gymnastics, we never went back.) and...being prone to his father's attention span ;) the odds were not in his favor. He actually did quite well...until....

- Foul? Off sides? -

So we wrangle him back to his side, only now, we add help.

- I'm watchin' you punk. -

So now dad's standing guard. Ready to go should 'flash' find something else to do. And he does...

- dad's on it. -

Why does he keep running? because he's just following the ball. The other team was kicking, HIS team was listening to instruction. Duh! Drop these losers and head over to the fun side! ....at this point, a trip to the hall was made, with a chat about staying with your team, and listening to coach, or you would find yourself in the car on the way home. Much to his dismay.

Ok, things are looking better. I'm 97.3% sure he's not LISTENING, but he's sitting. On his side. We'll take it.


I'd pay money to hear this conversation. In all honesty, I think was being very nice, and telling him how to do something. But I'm convinced he was offering money and candy if he'd just stay put. But....

we made it through. I was only 20% bothered that mine was the only "runner" while all the other kids stood, listened, and participated. Maybe 45%. Give or take. But he was thrilled to get a shirt. ....That he can wear until he graduates from high school. We might hit the sewing machine and see if we can't hem that bad boy a bit.

That's my boy! At least he'll be smart!

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Corinne R. said...

Well.....we are an artsy people....Zach will be smart and creative and eternally adorable...maybe Eddie's "athletic genes" will kick in when Zach is older??