Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Did I ever tell you I'm a dork?

No? Well, let's address that now! It's true, there is no denying it, and my family is partially to blame...

That's right, I can rock a paper crown! You're never too old for a pink foil paper crown in my mind. (and my hair seems to think you're never to old to act stringy and unpredictable out of nowhere! what's up with that?)

But its not just me, look who else looks smashing in said crown:

That's my boy! He makes a very handsome princess!

He also thinks it was "our" birthday. Mommy couldn't possibly have one of her own! No sir! It doesn't help that his IS in a week, so we've been talking about it, and when he saw cake, the logical conclusion was "its mine!".

So...I'm 25. ...and it feels kind of weird. Not BAD, no no. Just..weird. Like somehow I skipped 21-24, I'm not sure. Maybe because 25 always seemed like such a marker, and now I'm here and don't feel any different than 3 days ago at 24. ;) Except now all of my internet profiles have a new number, and when I go to the gym and set the elliptical machine, I push the button one more time. hm...

Yeah...even at 25, I still don't photograph well =P but hey, its a picture with BOTH of us in it!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tag - No Tagbacks!

Remember doing that playing tag? The no tagback thing? The odd part was we never had a lot of kids playing, so you almost HAD to tagback the person who had tagged you. Hmm...

So after much thinking (and well...blog reading, as I get distracted easily) ;) Here are my tags:

1. The first one, is actually the LAST I thought of. Though it was right in front of my face all along. I had a massive DUH! moment about an hour ago. Its none other than my Aunt Corinne at Crosswinds Farm. This one was an EASY winner. I'll refrain from getting all mushy gushy - I could but I won't - suffice to say she is definitely deserving of the Nice Matters Award. (And Gary can share in it too, even though he doesn't blog, because he's equally as nice) So, in the words of my son, I wanted to tag her....."first" (she'll get that)

2. I'm 90% sure she's already been tagged, but I don't care, she's AWFULLY nice. (Nice enough, she won't mind the duplicate I'm sure!) but its Jennifer at JC Handmade. I love reading her blog. Its one of a handful I try to read every day. (my blog list has become SO LONG I catch up on most of them randomly)

3. Third is Dawn and Megan at
Ripple Along. Yeah, that's technically 2 people, but they both manage this blog and it boggles my mind how they stay on top of it. Its even ORGANIZED. ;)

4. Sandy at It's a Colorful World I've only started reading her blog in the last ...week or so. I actually "know" her from Two Peas and the RAK list. She's so very nice, and she does beautiful projects that she posts and its fun to see what she makes. She also has some REALLY neat stuff from her recent trip to Israel.

5. I mostly lurk here, but Janet at Primrose Design Anyone willing to take the time, and post the step by step (or...stitch by stitch) instructions, is deserving of any award. I love her stitch school posts - and even promise to try them...someday ;) She also has a lot of neat tidbits to read about, and its a great place for a little vintage fix. =)

*Phew!* That's that. Keeping in mind, that took me 2 days to come up with. Not because I had a hard time thinking of enough, I had a hard time narrowing it down to just 5. I have so many more I could have picked! Why do ya'll have to be so nice? ;)
And of course, another big Thanks to Kalurah for nominating me in the first place!
Zach and I went to the local Farmer's Market this morning, and its the kind of thing that wears us both out...in a good way. We've got fresh sweet corn for dinner, a pie pumpkin because...well...he wanted one and I gave in, and I bought some soap that smells so good I may never use it. =P Along with a ton of cookies, courtesy of nominee #1.
And now, I feel a nap calling. Or at least a bit of laying down and reading. Its a GORGEOUS day (aka...its NOT raining for the first time in close to a week) 80 degrees, the windows are open and the cicadas are humming like mad. Good stuff.
Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Before and After

This is Daisy...uh...back in the winter sometime. When it WASN'T 90 some degrees with 70% humidity. Back when it wa ---





Oh! Hi! Sorry...I was daydreaming there for a second.

Ok, Daisy. Daisy is now yarn. Well, wait. She's STILL Daisy, no harm has come to her. (other than suffering through 90 degree temps with the rest of us!) But back in the spring she was shorn along with the other gals at Crosswinds Farm.

Did I mention Crosswinds Farm is my Auntie Corrie's farm? (and yes, in our house Auntie Corrie is her real name. Don't try telling Zach its Corinne, its not, he'll correct you.) So she sends all of the fleece off to Abi at High Prarie Fibers , and shortly thereafter you get this:

Neato huh? I've been eyeing it all summer, but couldn't make up my mind on what color. (She originally had a creamy ivory color, a brown, a black, a 'speckled' color, and this gray I think.) But when I saw the basket of yarn last week at the farmer's market, and heard her say "that's all that's left of this years yarn" Woah dang! I moved! =)

It took me FAR to long to decide on a color (I'm not a decision maker by nature, its bad...really) But I finally decided I wanted "Daisy". Because I ...just did. She's one of my favorites - and that list has gotten much longer now that the babies are growing up!

So now, what to make with it? Well...I'm stuck again. I haven't decided. I have a few possibilities...but, well, that decision making problem comes into play again. Hmm...

Thank You!

Originally uploaded by sarah.cupp07

Can you believe it? Someone thinks I'm NICE. (bwahahaha! *ahem* kidding....I hope)

I'm still a bit in awe that someone tagged me for this. That "someone" being kalurah over at while they play If you've never been, go now.

1. she makes me laugh
2. she has some ADORABLE kids (who...also make me laugh)
3. When she's not making me laugh, she's absolutely heartwarming and helps me regain my perspective from time to time.

I've had to think on this a bit before I could post because all I kept coming up with was "...wow"

Not interesting blog reading, to say the least ;)

So we'll go with this:


And now here comes where I'm stuck...It seems every person I think of to tag, has already been tagged! I guess its safe to say bloggers have similar tastes for the nice matters award ;) So I'm going to keep running through my list (uh...I read A LOT of blogs! lol) and post later. (only 5? hmm...) ;)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Catching Up, While Falling Behind

Good Morning All! Its 10:00am on Monday. Would you like to know what I've done today?

*Breakfast - oatmeal and coffee - fascinating!
*Knitting - finally figured out the part of the sweater pattern that was making me think I needed to take "Remedial Pattern Reading". So now I think I know what I'm doing!
*Cleaned the bathrooms.

Whoo! The downside? None of that is on the list of things I SHOULD get done today. poo.

Eddie took Zach down to his sister's for a couple of days. Zach gets to play with his cousin, my husband gets a road trip (I hate road trips, mainly because of the road) and I get time all. to. myself.

Here's the downfall....I always feel like I should do something "constructive" with my time. Ya know like...NOT knitting in front of the tv watching wretchedly cheesy movies on TBS. Actually, after a while I get sick of the thing being on and shut it off, but its good distraction when my house is TOO quiet while they're gone.

So...originally I thought I'd:

*make spaghetti sauce
*clean part of the basement
*paint the bathroom
*mow the grass
*clean the house
*get out the clothes bins and swap out Zach's 'too small' stuff for the larger sizes
*go to the gym


Stop laughing. Stop it. Your face is turning red and I can hear you snorting behind your hand. Knock it off!

=) uhh...yeah. I'm NOT painting the bathroom. I was going to mow, until I opened the front door. Its not too hot yet, but with the 80% humidity, its like walking in room temperature cream of something soup outside. ....I hear its good to let the grass go a few days longer. uh...stronger root systems...yeah, that sounds good.

The rest? We'll see. This is usually what happens, I make a list of great and wonderful things I'm going to get done with my "free time" and then I pace around the house trying to decide where to start. 2 days later, the boys are home and all I've managed is a shower, a few loads of laundry, a trip to the grocery store, and a list of funny youtube videos. Funny how that happens. hmm. *sigh* =)

so...here's me catching up on the blog, while I fall behind on my list for Monday.

This is what came in the mail a few days ago:

From one of my all time favorites:

Oh what fun! I was actually hoping to snag this adorable blue & patchwork totebag that I'd been eyeing for a few days, but apparently someone snagged it first. Bummer. So...I bought this fabric instead. Which, seems a little lame, since I love her patchwork so much, to just buy...fabric. But hey, its adorable! And I couldn't make up my mind on the other bags, so I got the fabric for now.

And, see that little patchwork 'satchet' on top of the red pile? Oh.my.gosh. Seriously. Go to her shop and buy a dozen! The whole box it was shipped in smelled AMAZING! They're so fragrant, and so cute. (They're on my "here I made it easy for you, this is what I want for my birthday" list I made for my husband) ;)

And some pictures of projects in various stages:

a crummy picture of the washcloths I made during the lockdown of '07

my serious love/hate relationship of the moment. I WILL make something out of it, if I don't throw it out the window first.

and ok, so now I'm about 7" farther than this photo. But you get the idea. The beginnings of a sweater for my nephew coming on October. Yay baby! =)

And just because I'm in love with this picture at the moment, and eternally in love with this boy, who I kind of miss at the moment.

just a little.

maybe a lot.

As much as I love my 'break'...I hate having them gone....

Eddie put him on the phone this morning to say hi. It went like this:

Me: "Hi Baby! I miss you!"

Zach: Hi, Mommy

Me: "Are you having fu--"

Zach: Bye Mommy! *something inaudible* as he tosses the phone and takes off to play.

Me: sigh

Allright! I hope you're all enjoying your Monday! I'm off for a coffee fill-up, change everyone's sheets, and then knitting. Maybe scrapbooking. We'll see.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Has anyone seen Sarah?

Oh! Hi there! I just stepped away for...oh...uh...3 weeks.

WHOOPS! *ahem* My bad.

How have you all been? How are the kids? ...College? Really? Wow, I need to blog more often!

(har har har) ;)

Ok, Ok, sorry. Things were a little nutty around here the last few weeks, and apparently when I get stressed, I do something that is very similar to yelling "RETREAT!" and hiding under my desk. Not literally of course, but very very similar. Blech.

Nothing TOO stressful, just both cars broke - one without air conditioning, and one without...starting ability. Normally, not having a car doesn't bother me. We go outside, we go for walks, we play ball. Oh no wait! That's when its NOT 95 degrees with eleventy-million percent humidity. Then...we stay inside. And stare at each other. And about go mad.

The boy was bored, I was bored, and after about a week, neither of us was very fun to be around. =P Maybe a good thing I didn't blog ;)

I hate the heat as it is, but add in HEAT with no car, and I'm downright miserable. The kind of heat where its still 85 degees at 9:00pm. The kind of heat where you see that the mail has come and then decide "it can stay out there. I'm not opening the door".

The good news? The heat has come down some. Some. As in I think I saw a '91' for Monday. That's DARN NEAR 80-something. I'll take it. =P

On top of that, both cars are FIXED. We won't talk about how much that cost....because I'll cry. Hard. I will say it was less than eleventy-million. That almost makes me feel better saying it.

But I have air, so we can finally get out of this house! (And they rejoiced)

In the meantime, I knit a lot. A few ballband style dishcloths, a few other dishcloths, a scarf that I've knit/frogged/re-knit/frogged about 3 times. Right now its a ball of yarn, and I hate it a little.

I have a ton of photos I want to blog. (around eleventy-million actually! haha, I love that word!) But I'm also trying to figure out flickr. Hopefully I'll get those up tonite and you can look at something interesting, because we all know...my writing doesn't cut it! :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I'm going to go catch up on my blog reading. More from me tonite, now that I'm back amongst the living! =)