Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thank You!

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Can you believe it? Someone thinks I'm NICE. (bwahahaha! *ahem* kidding....I hope)

I'm still a bit in awe that someone tagged me for this. That "someone" being kalurah over at while they play If you've never been, go now.

1. she makes me laugh
2. she has some ADORABLE kids (who...also make me laugh)
3. When she's not making me laugh, she's absolutely heartwarming and helps me regain my perspective from time to time.

I've had to think on this a bit before I could post because all I kept coming up with was ""

Not interesting blog reading, to say the least ;)

So we'll go with this:


And now here comes where I'm stuck...It seems every person I think of to tag, has already been tagged! I guess its safe to say bloggers have similar tastes for the nice matters award ;) So I'm going to keep running through my list (uh...I read A LOT of blogs! lol) and post later. (only 5? hmm...) ;)

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