Monday, May 11, 2009


Hello again! Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day! Ours was pretty basic - alarm didn't go off, woke up 10 minutes before we should have been leaving for church, decided to spend the morning knitting the last bit of my swallowtail shawl instead. Not to shabby! The shawl is currently soaking:

I know, it doesn't LOOK like much now, but wait until its blocked out. Which I'm waiting for too. Because, honestly, I'm not sure how I'm going to block it yet. I'll probably have to pin it to the bed and hope it dries by the time we want to go to bed? Let's hope.

In other - less impressive - finished projects news...I made hand towels. They're pretty lame, but they were a first attempt. Quite honestly ANYTHING was better than the disgusting looking hand towels we've been using. Do you have those? The ones that have been used to sop up spilled coffee/soda, or used as emergency potholders, and as a result LOOK filthy, even when they've just come out of the dryer? We have a PILE of those. I blame Eddie, which is ok, because its true. :)

So anyway, after months of having one or two "ok to be used when we have company over" towels, and a STASH of "please don't make me hand this towel to one of our friends..." towels, I decided to just make some. (this may also have something to do with me being cheap. frugal. whathaveyou.)

So I grabbed a yard of terrycloth from hobby lobby, and made some binding out of the leftovers from the 'vintage sheet turned curtains'. They're wonky and uneven, and cheap thin terrycloth, but they DRY HANDS! So color me happy and call it a day!

I can never seem to just take pictures...

You would have thought he was stealing home plate the way he dove into the shot.

He is awfully cute though.

Yup. That's an amish carriage on our towel holder. It came with the house. And even if I WANTED to get rid of it, that sucker is some sort of uber-super-duper glued on. Sorry for the crummy pictures, it was a very gray day with my sad point&shoot camera. What can I say?

Oh, and for the record, I think the terry was 6.99, and the binding was free. I got 6 towels out of it. Provided, I could probably go to that evil store that rhymes with fallmart and buy some, but this was more fun. And I won't shop at fallmart. That too.

In other news, I will be making an attempt to blog more often. (MUCH...more often) I figured out my problem. People had been telling me they saw/read my blog. People I KNEW. People in real life. Scared the crap outta me. If people read it, they could possibly not like it. Which is stupid logic, because....I don't care. :) I didn't start a blog to be GOOD at it. I just started it for the heck of it. But then I felt all kinds of pressure knowing people were actually going to read it. Like every time I sat down to blog, I felt like people were staring at me. Like one of those dreams where you're in your underwear. I've never had one of those, thank god. Oy. So, I shook it off, realized if they don't like it, I'll live. And now you'll all be subjected to more of my mindless drivel. Lucky you!

Oh! The sheet turned curtains...

I cut it in half horizontally, and then cut each of those 2 pieces in half vertically. Since they had the larger 'hems' at the top and bottom as sheets tend to do, I just had to stitch rip each side partway open to hem the sides, then re-sew the seam, and they were the right size for putting the curtain rod through.

The chair is just my FAVORITE purchase as of late. It was $10 at the salvation army and I love everything about it. (especially the $10 part..)