Monday, July 9, 2012

Why it's taken me an hour to type a post title...

I sat down to type a 'quick' blog hour ago.  This is how far I've gotten.  Right here.

Between nursing the noob - who is now in her bouncy seat next to me, wildly kicking one leg, sucking her thumb, and generally happy for no reason. :) Getting a glass of water, forgetting said water, starting some laundry, doing a sink full of dishes, and kicking neighborhood kids out 50x (I'm only slightly exaggerating).  Sat down at the computer about 10 times between all of that, and SOMEHOW didn't get very far.  *sigh* we go!

Callie is almost 5 months old.  five. FIIIVVVVEEE.  I know babies grow up fast, but she's really pushin' it.  Yer killin' me smallz.

 Lilly is crazy as ever.  Busy being busy, starting to talk more finally, and generally wearing me out from her antics. ;) 

Zach's finally getting teeth back where they'd fallen out, which is good because I was starting to be concerned about his tooth to gums ratio. (there was another lost a couple days after this)

And now I've been interrupted so many times, I can't even remember what my original blog post was...

I did manage to bust out my serger, THREAD my serger, (thread my serger AGAIN, because for whatever reason, it doesn't work unless I do it in the right order?  Maybe?  I don't know if that's it exactly, but it worked!) and make some baby wipes. Out of flannel that I've had for AT LEAST two years.  Mhmm, cuz I'm that awesome.  Or a procrastinator.  Or a hoarder.  Ok, not a hoarder, our cat is alive.  (ooohhhh, but you know it's true)

I ran to the fabric store today to get terry cloth to make kitchen towels.  And when I say "I", what I mean is "me + 3 kids".  I started with noob in the Ergo (do you have an Ergo? You should get an Ergo.  They're expensive, I know, but if you have more than zero children, you should get one.  Heck, if you're a hoarder with a cat, get one.  I'm not judging.) Lilly in the umbrella stroller, and Zach on his own two feet.  We did ok the first 5 or so minutes.  *I* didn't even wander aimlessly, as I'm prone at a fabric store.  Then I reached up to touch some fabric (as...I'm prone..) and somehow..?... the bolt tipped over, right onto Callie's poor noggin. 

Crappy mom  of the year folks!  Right here!

So, luckily it was light, and really wouldn't have hurt her, aside from the edge of the cardboard caught just right and gave her a tiny scrape.   and she screamed bloody murder :(  I can't blame her, with all of Lilly's "affection" at home, she's managed to come out unscathed, and just chillin at Joann's and gets biffed by some cardboard.  (she's totally and completely fine by the way!) 

While I consoled her (read: nursed in the ergo), Lilly realized she wasn't ACTUALLY buckled into the stroller (rookie mistake) and got out.  But I thought...well, let's try it.  She's been SLIGHTLY better about not bolting every chance she gets.  And she did really well for a few minutes, we walked around and looked at fabrics, she was charming and docile.  And then...she must have sensed that I'd relaxed a bit...and started squealing and dancing/running/giggling away.  Not exactly a streak mind you, but going for it none the less. 

I did coax her back to walking with me...kinda...we found our terry cloth, and after a friendly scolding (?) from the lady at the cutting counter, for her not to sit in the bottom shelf (she was going night-night on some squishy material) grabbed what I wanted, got it cut, and left.

So now that I got interrupted again just neighbor boy threw a dead bird at his brother, who went to tell on him (seems appropriate) told Zach and bird-thrower to go wash their hands NOW.  I'll just end it and try to salvage 10 minutes of quiet before Lilly wakes up and/or they come in AGAIN.

Hopefully next time I'll have pictures of finished projects., on my first day at the funny farm!  it's 50/50.  place your bets now!

. front door just opened.  I think we know where I'm headed.