Saturday, October 3, 2009

What I've been up to lately...

...besides freezing. Seriously dudes, its 54 degrees outside (though it "feels like" 49 according to the weather folks. why don't they just say 49. I don't care if its 54 if I'm really 5 degrees colder, but I digress) and its a whopping...59 in our house. though it "feels like" ....59.

In the grand scheme of things - not that cold! Especially when you consider Illinois in another 8 weeks and I'll be longing for the toasty warmth of a 54 degree day. But for those of us stupid stubborn enough to not turn on the heat, its a little brisk. Especially in a 100 year old house, when your kitchen is poorly insulated, and the wind just LOVES to blow into the direction of the kitchen. So I sit here in layers...I don't lie: 2 pairs of socks, footless tights under my jeans, tank, tshirt, longsleeved t, sweatshirt, scarf. And my options have been to sit under my blanket and knit, Neither are BAD options, mind you. I really can't complain about either, and enjoy both quite immensely. BUT...days on end of those 2 activities will not do me well in the end.

So I thought maybe a bit of blogging since I'm only a few months behind *ahem* I'm still cold, I'm just not thinking about it. Good start.

So what's new? Just looked back to see my last post was in MAY. Crap. Ok, well let's get started!

I got new glasses...

I made some yogurt (it tasted much better than it looked, this was pre-mixing)

Eddie and his friend Patrick spent a good amount of time throwing rocks at that utility pole.

Tractor ride at the Iowa Machine Shed.

Spent too much money on junky trinkets at the fair.

That cup was really filled with gatorade, not mountain dew, but I don't think anyone there would have judged me. Since most kids were drinking mountain dew and deep fried snickers.

I was shocked at what rides cost "now'a'days". He got to ride 3, because that's all the cash I'd brought.

We didn't eat any of these, I just took the picture.

$26 and an hour later and this was what was left of the fair experience. Truth be told, I don't love the fair. I kinda don't even like it. Its July, its hot, its $13 for one adult and one child just to WALK in. And there's really not a lot to DO unless sweating and deep fried foods REALLY does it for you. Me not so much. The animals were kind of neat, but we can do that other places. Bah humbug fair. (But we went, because...that's what you do, and Eddie was working it all week and it was the only chance to see dad for a bit)

My cousin got married. She looked beyond amazing.

See, even with "I just got married" goofy faces they're still adorable. (Plus, birdcage veil + finger waves = love)

I was there. I was a bridesmaid so I kinda had to be. I even wore a dress. And I hate having my picture taken, thus the strained "good god just take it" expression. ;)

Zach turned 5. I'm still demanding a re-count to be sure this is accurate. I'm not convinced.

It says so on the cookie, so it must be.

I really don't know why I took a picture of this, but it was about 40 minutes of Eddie's afternoon at a family BBQ that day.

Bouncy inflatables.

Plus fireworks with the fam (Plus AUGUST. it was unusually cool)

Kettle corn before fireworks (he wasn't really scowling at me, although...he is a little defensive about that kettle maybe)

I spun some yarn.

Recovered a chair that has literally been in our family for...YEARS. We ended up with it due to an eager husband and...guilt.

And I'm makin' one of these...

Forgive the WIP picture, but its not done yet. Forgive the "its" reference, but he/she wasn't giving up the goods. He/she loves mom more than dad. As I didn't want to find out, and he did. Ha ha Eddie, ha ha.

For those who can't tell - because ultrasounds are SUCH great imagery - head on right, forearm/fist middle, and a knee/leg on the left. And really, I won't be offended if you just pretend to see something. Its ok.

And now, back to my blanket, and my kitchen. Because cooking makes the house warmer for a bit. And really helps with that "The cold makes me hungry" problem I seem to be having....