Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back to it

So in the midst of our chaos, the holidays (we were both working like crazy) and the energy/motivation zapping effects of 40*below weather....I have actually been making a few things.

..though I'm telling you, that weather...is murder. I lose all ambition to do anything important after 4pm. April can't come fast enough, and that darn groundhog and I are gonna have words.
I've been searching for something to put up on our walls. And at the same time, I've had these canvases sitting on my shelf for probably a year now. Yeah, a year. What can I say, painting scares me. Notice I didn't really PAINT anything, aside from letters.
I wish I could paint. I'd still like to try, but at this point, I'm better at sticking things to other things...like above.
This fish was actually part of some dangly bit of nonsense on a pair of shorts I bought last summer. Ya know those things that don't make any sense, but they put on to look like some sort of accessory? (which means, yes, I save random tags if they're heavy, bits of cording, and charms/bits that are attached to clothes when you buy them.)

It took me 3 tries to get that yellow right. And I still can't get a picture that shows the true color. The yellow is brighter, and the blue isn't so blue. A bit more sea green. I would try to take a second set of pictures, but my camera is now broken. Mhmm....yeah. Not real happy about that.

But I am pretty happy about this. Even though I hated it all of yesterday afternoon after I'd finished it. Its not quite what I had envisioned when I started, and I'm not liking the brackets after all, and I'm pretty disgusted with my 'handwriting' after the first line. BUT...I still like it, go figure. Because its done. Because it has a some of my favorite fabric leftovers that got some use. Because of the little fish. and because I think this might be one of my favorite quotes ever.

and also because...I finally have something to put up on my wall. That's a bonus.

Hope its warm where you are! And just to be clear, anything over 35 counts as "warm" to me at this point! ;)

I'm back..

Ok so I've been thinking about this blog post for a good week, not really sure how much to put here, so we'll just start and see where it leads us. Let's throw in a little TMI warning for good measure.

The impromptu blog disappearance was because I was pregnant, and after a year and a half of trying, with a round of Clomid thrown in, I was apprehensive at best. I didn't want to blast it all over blog-land, but ya know how you spend 24/7 THINKING about it. It was hard to post without it working into play somehow, and combined with the fact that I just had a *feeling* that something was off.

So the first week of January we found out I was right, that I'd miscarried weeks before. Which in my gut, I knew, but that was not a fun experience. Then the fun really started....the next day I had a d&c because my body wasn't registering to do it on its own (what can I say, I'm stubborn to my core..) A week later we were back in the ER with me in pain that about sent me to the floor. I was admitted overnight, and given a drug to expel anything the d&c must have missed. The next day, I felt TERRIBLE. Just absolutely exhausted...to the point I planned my trips up the stairs. I just didn't feel 'right' so I called my dr the next day and went in only to find out I needed a SECOND d&c. (for those of you wondering, yes that's very rare to need THREE different attempts at this deal...go me!)

Luckily, after that I started feeling better. Which was good, because I was about one more needle stick away from losing my mind. Speaking of needle sticks, after 3 separate IV's, and 4+ blood draws, I can say there is a WIDE range of talent in the nursing/phlebotomist field. There are a few I'd like to award with a medal of expertise and skill...and a few others who should be forced to practice on themselves for a few more years. Srsly.

So...end result. I'm feeling better. Beyond that, I'm not sure yet. But I'm back to my blog, and even got back to some crafty-ness the last few days. So let's move onto the fun things shall we?