Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm back..

Ok so I've been thinking about this blog post for a good week, not really sure how much to put here, so we'll just start and see where it leads us. Let's throw in a little TMI warning for good measure.

The impromptu blog disappearance was because I was pregnant, and after a year and a half of trying, with a round of Clomid thrown in, I was apprehensive at best. I didn't want to blast it all over blog-land, but ya know how you spend 24/7 THINKING about it. It was hard to post without it working into play somehow, and combined with the fact that I just had a *feeling* that something was off.

So the first week of January we found out I was right, that I'd miscarried weeks before. Which in my gut, I knew, but that was not a fun experience. Then the fun really started....the next day I had a d&c because my body wasn't registering to do it on its own (what can I say, I'm stubborn to my core..) A week later we were back in the ER with me in pain that about sent me to the floor. I was admitted overnight, and given a drug to expel anything the d&c must have missed. The next day, I felt TERRIBLE. Just absolutely exhausted...to the point I planned my trips up the stairs. I just didn't feel 'right' so I called my dr the next day and went in only to find out I needed a SECOND d&c. (for those of you wondering, yes that's very rare to need THREE different attempts at this deal...go me!)

Luckily, after that I started feeling better. Which was good, because I was about one more needle stick away from losing my mind. Speaking of needle sticks, after 3 separate IV's, and 4+ blood draws, I can say there is a WIDE range of talent in the nursing/phlebotomist field. There are a few I'd like to award with a medal of expertise and skill...and a few others who should be forced to practice on themselves for a few more years. Srsly.

So...end result. I'm feeling better. Beyond that, I'm not sure yet. But I'm back to my blog, and even got back to some crafty-ness the last few days. So let's move onto the fun things shall we?

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clink said...

You know -- I want to tell you how much I was thinking about you. But I didn't know what to say.

Ours thoughts and prayers were with all of you.

Let the craftiness begin!


And Honey says you can use our hill!