Monday, June 23, 2008

Garden Progress

A brief (haha...not really brief, you'll see.) update on the garden happenings around this place.
Garden - Day 33
Garden - Day 33
left side of garden, where my prized weed collection is growing with a fury. (no kidding, see all that green? there are only a handful of ACTUAL plants in there, the rest is grass/weeds)
Garden - Day 33
eh....herb. what kind you ask? quit pokin' your nose in other people's business! ....ok I'm not sure. Its either oregano, or basil, or....
Garden - Day 33
potato! I didn't even know we'd PLANTED potatoes! (no really, Eddie went out one evening and threw them out there, I actually tore them up thinking they were weeds because *I* was not looking for potato plants. I tried to put them back and begged them to forgive me and grow anyway. So far so good)
Garden - Day 33
Sunflowers. I'm 99% sure anyway. Or weeds I'm just ignoring, hoping they grow into big yellow flowers. Time will tell.
Garden - Day 33
Green onions. I don't even like green onions. But they're easy to grow, and I knew going into this, I'd need a morale booster. APPARENTLY Zach likes green onions. Weird kid.
Garden - Day 33
Garden - Day 33
Water...melon? Again, didn't mark these things, and was really good at remembering what was where for about - oh - 4 days. I think its watermelon though.
Garden - Day 33
no idea. Couldn't even fathom a guess. Wanna take bets? Odds are in your favor! (I've got my money on "vegetable")
Garden - Day 33
Tomato plant
Garden - Day 33
Tomato flowering
Garden - Day 33
Pepper flowering
Garden - Day 33
Well hello firefly! or lightning bug. Whichever you so wish.
Garden - Day 33
I was taking pictures of the pepper flowers and then Oh! Oh Wait! Call the press! Hot dang its a PEPPER! Its about a half an inch, but it still counts as a pepper! So after all my hours of weeding, I know all my hard work will be rewarded with at least one measly green pepper. ...and a ton of green onions. still...
Garden - Day 33
Peas! Well...pea PLANTS. no 'peas' as of yet.
Garden - Day 33
mystery plant #27. I'm fairly sure its acorn squash? Uhm...all of you garden pros, ya better start talkin' if you've got answers. Help a girl out here.
Garden - Day 33
zuchinni. actually I don't know. But I bet I could TELL YOU its zuchinni and most of you would believe me, no? Why didn't I think of that earlier in the post. Just fake your way through Sarah, maybe no one will notice!
Garden - Day 33
Green beans! Of that, I'm sure!
Garden - Day 33
Spinach! I actually grew spinach! ...I also tore out spinach. Because I'd long since given up on the spinach coming up. ...and thought it was weeds. Until I looked strikingly similar to a leafy green I eat quite often. Dangit. ...and then there were 3. plants.
Garden - Day 33
ever the helper, Zachman digging while I was picture-ing.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finished! Falling Water Scarf

Well, first to catch up this eventually became this:



& tres

And then dos and tres started in on a journey together (uno was left out, while I love it, its more thick/thin than the second two) and with the use of this pattern - Falling Water PDF - and some 88 cent "size 5..and a half? ish?" circulars I bought at Hy-Vee a while back (you don't need circs, I just used them because I didn't have a size 5 straight, and I hate my LONG size 6's) We eventually came out with something very similar to this -

ok, so it WAS this. Good point.

holy heck, that's a lot of scarf!

Yeah, its a little long, but I'm a little obsessed with long scarves. Remember I live in Illinois. When its not pouring rain for a week straight and flooding the good ol' Mississippi river (which it has, I'll have to try to get some pictures today) Its 20 below and the kind of bitterly cold that makes you wear a scarf INSIDE. I need that sucker to WRAP and make layers.

Although...its pastel, and I don't really...wear...pastel. And it has some funny color sections going on that I don't LOVE. But I'll wear it regardless. Because I MADE it! ...and because I'll be freezing... and I'm not picky when I'm cold.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I made a planner - isn't that comical.

This is probably my favorite finished project as of late. (and probably my most desperately needed as of late...) Last fall I'd bought one of those binder style planners, about 5"x5" thinking 'great, small, fits in my purse!'.

Yeah except that really translates to 'great, small, can only write one appointment per day...if you abbreviate' and that just doesn't fly. I really don't know what kind of freakishly-minuscule-handwriting folks they cater to, but I can't do it.

But I kept using it because...well, because I'm cheap and stingy and couldn't rationalize throwing away a "perfectly good" planner, right? Forget the fact that it was pure junk, and I didn't really USE it. I had an obligation as a responsible consumer to carry the darn thing until we both crumbled to bits of dust, thus continuing the cycle of life. Its biblical, its maybe in Ephesians.

(side note: this will show you what a crappy Bible scholar I am, I really have only a vague idea of what's in Ephesians...pretty sure Target planners are not covered though.)

So finally, I decided THAT'S IT! I'm going to be wasteful! ...because I'm forgetting doctor's appointments! and that's no good.


So I wanted a bigger planner, one I could actually write out b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y in the appropriate day, instead of scrawling 'bd' in a size 2 font. Or actually have room to write out which one of us had a "Dapt215" and maybe even with which doctor.


But...standing in the planner aisle of target, I was suddenly reminded "oh! that's right! I'm cheap and stingy" and didn't really want to pay $17.00 for a faux leather, snap closure, WITH RULER! binder. (I mean, c'mon! a RULER!)

Planner inserts

So as I'm bitterly mumbling about why planners are so darned expensive, I happen to glance at the refills. ....refills.... huh. wait.


The refills are...8.5x5.5....kind of the same dimensions as an 8.5x11 piece of chipboard cut in half. DING! lightbulb!


So, grab the refills, head home and cut a piece of chipboard in half, a few coats of a hideous bright pink (why did I paint it bright pink? I'm not a bright pink person by nature?) drilled a few holes, toned down the obnoxious pink with some various patterned papers, and a few o-rings, and voila! Planner! Cheaper and cuter (although I'm fairly sure 'cuter' isn't a word)

I still need to swap out the O-rings for a smaller size, but that's what I had and they work for now!

So color me happy! And a bit more organized (a bit) because now I can actually keep track of what we're doing each week. fan-tastic.

**note** yes, it did occur to me to do it completely handmade and just make up calender pages, and address pages to fit, and print them out. The reason I didn't? ...I'm out of printer ink. And can never for the life of me remember which number I need...98? 92? cripes. I am contemplating making up a bunch and trying them out on etsy though. we'll see.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Softie Swap!

Its not that I'm horribly behind in posting, its just that I was...uh..building suspense! Yes! Suspense! ...I meant to do that...

So now that you're all on the edge of your seats (humor me) I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from the Softie Swap.

I have to say that I had the package sitting on my dining room table for mmm....5 hours? before I'd open it. I've never been so scared of an envelope.

Why you ask? Because there was the fear of the unknown. What if it was a softie masterpiece, the likes of which the world had never seen? In other words...what if I opened that envelope, and realized mine ...SUCKED.

That's kind of what happened. See, I finally opened that envelope and found my little bee, and her little button face, and pretty purple lace, and the red and aqua collar (that just so happens to match the 'color scheme' that I'm thinking of for this room) and her funky vintage body. Lordy knows I have a thing for funky vintage....its a sickness.

She fits in quite well...

But I got over it. Because in the end, I had a great time with the softie swap. ...a lot of anxiety, worry, agony.... But there's nothing like exchanging handmade for handmade.

And now take a sec would ya, and go visit Marianna at stargirlshop blog or even better stargirljewelry. She does AMAZING amazing stuff. Her jewelry is awesome, and her lampwork beads blow me away. I'm currently fawning over a few things. Maybe like this or something along the lines of this (I know, its sold...whatever) or this. I could keep going (summer breeze earrings? Sheepy lampwork beads?) but you can just head over to her esty shop and peek yourself. Its worth it, I promise.

Oh, and on my end? This is the bunny I sent:

Its the phantom crochet bunny pattern that has yet to be published. Except...I realized some days later, this bunny...has no tail. I know this, because I found the my knitting/crochet basket. Where it is most useful. Of course.

I started out trying to sew a dress that would have this really cute trim. I then realized I know diddly squat about sewing garments for bunnies. I still have the 'evidence' in my sewing basket. I don't know why, I really should burn it. So, change of plans, I thought I'll make her an apron. A cute vintage apron! ...or a country looking smock? Close enough :)

All in all, still pretty darn happy with it. I'm so glad I did the swap. I've got an awesome new softie, and I found a great new etsy shop to stalk ;) Thanks so much Marianna! And a thanks to Simone at Crafty Dasies for organizing this!