Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Did I ever tell you I'm a dork?

No? Well, let's address that now! It's true, there is no denying it, and my family is partially to blame...

That's right, I can rock a paper crown! You're never too old for a pink foil paper crown in my mind. (and my hair seems to think you're never to old to act stringy and unpredictable out of nowhere! what's up with that?)

But its not just me, look who else looks smashing in said crown:

That's my boy! He makes a very handsome princess!

He also thinks it was "our" birthday. Mommy couldn't possibly have one of her own! No sir! It doesn't help that his IS in a week, so we've been talking about it, and when he saw cake, the logical conclusion was "its mine!".

So...I'm 25. ...and it feels kind of weird. Not BAD, no no. Just..weird. Like somehow I skipped 21-24, I'm not sure. Maybe because 25 always seemed like such a marker, and now I'm here and don't feel any different than 3 days ago at 24. ;) Except now all of my internet profiles have a new number, and when I go to the gym and set the elliptical machine, I push the button one more time. hm...

Yeah...even at 25, I still don't photograph well =P but hey, its a picture with BOTH of us in it!


kalurah said...

no wonder I like you so much!!
I am a dork, too. Just check out my Supermom post for blatant evidence!
I think your boy DOES make quite a lovely princess. ;)
and I would give anything for your beautiful red, curly hair!
I get green with envy at such people as Renee Russo!
I've always longed for both curly hair and red hair.
but, alas, I am stuck with the asian gene of stick straight dark hair. :(
I hope you had a great #25 day! :)

hiccupp said...

aww, thanks. The funny thing is I never realized until about a year ago I had red in my hair (Its only 'reddish' under certain lighting...or if I try to dye it, it comes out with extra redtones..grr) IRL it doesn't look that red, so it always surprises me when someone notices it.

*I* on the other hand, would KILL for stick straight dark hair, no joke :D

Corinne R. said...

Yeah! Long live we (us?) dorks :0.