Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Before and After

This is Daisy...uh...back in the winter sometime. When it WASN'T 90 some degrees with 70% humidity. Back when it wa ---





Oh! Hi! Sorry...I was daydreaming there for a second.

Ok, Daisy. Daisy is now yarn. Well, wait. She's STILL Daisy, no harm has come to her. (other than suffering through 90 degree temps with the rest of us!) But back in the spring she was shorn along with the other gals at Crosswinds Farm.

Did I mention Crosswinds Farm is my Auntie Corrie's farm? (and yes, in our house Auntie Corrie is her real name. Don't try telling Zach its Corinne, its not, he'll correct you.) So she sends all of the fleece off to Abi at High Prarie Fibers , and shortly thereafter you get this:

Neato huh? I've been eyeing it all summer, but couldn't make up my mind on what color. (She originally had a creamy ivory color, a brown, a black, a 'speckled' color, and this gray I think.) But when I saw the basket of yarn last week at the farmer's market, and heard her say "that's all that's left of this years yarn" Woah dang! I moved! =)

It took me FAR to long to decide on a color (I'm not a decision maker by nature, its bad...really) But I finally decided I wanted "Daisy". Because I ...just did. She's one of my favorites - and that list has gotten much longer now that the babies are growing up!

So now, what to make with it? Well...I'm stuck again. I haven't decided. I have a few possibilities...but, well, that decision making problem comes into play again. Hmm...

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Sandy said...

Ok this was just too funny, girlfriend. You have a great way of telling a story, I love it! :)