Monday, August 13, 2007

Catching Up, While Falling Behind

Good Morning All! Its 10:00am on Monday. Would you like to know what I've done today?

*Breakfast - oatmeal and coffee - fascinating!
*Knitting - finally figured out the part of the sweater pattern that was making me think I needed to take "Remedial Pattern Reading". So now I think I know what I'm doing!
*Cleaned the bathrooms.

Whoo! The downside? None of that is on the list of things I SHOULD get done today. poo.

Eddie took Zach down to his sister's for a couple of days. Zach gets to play with his cousin, my husband gets a road trip (I hate road trips, mainly because of the road) and I get time all. to. myself.

Here's the downfall....I always feel like I should do something "constructive" with my time. Ya know like...NOT knitting in front of the tv watching wretchedly cheesy movies on TBS. Actually, after a while I get sick of the thing being on and shut it off, but its good distraction when my house is TOO quiet while they're gone.

So...originally I thought I'd:

*make spaghetti sauce
*clean part of the basement
*paint the bathroom
*mow the grass
*clean the house
*get out the clothes bins and swap out Zach's 'too small' stuff for the larger sizes
*go to the gym


Stop laughing. Stop it. Your face is turning red and I can hear you snorting behind your hand. Knock it off!

=) uhh...yeah. I'm NOT painting the bathroom. I was going to mow, until I opened the front door. Its not too hot yet, but with the 80% humidity, its like walking in room temperature cream of something soup outside. ....I hear its good to let the grass go a few days longer. uh...stronger root systems...yeah, that sounds good.

The rest? We'll see. This is usually what happens, I make a list of great and wonderful things I'm going to get done with my "free time" and then I pace around the house trying to decide where to start. 2 days later, the boys are home and all I've managed is a shower, a few loads of laundry, a trip to the grocery store, and a list of funny youtube videos. Funny how that happens. hmm. *sigh* =)'s me catching up on the blog, while I fall behind on my list for Monday.

This is what came in the mail a few days ago:

From one of my all time favorites:

Oh what fun! I was actually hoping to snag this adorable blue & patchwork totebag that I'd been eyeing for a few days, but apparently someone snagged it first. Bummer. So...I bought this fabric instead. Which, seems a little lame, since I love her patchwork so much, to just buy...fabric. But hey, its adorable! And I couldn't make up my mind on the other bags, so I got the fabric for now.

And, see that little patchwork 'satchet' on top of the red pile? Seriously. Go to her shop and buy a dozen! The whole box it was shipped in smelled AMAZING! They're so fragrant, and so cute. (They're on my "here I made it easy for you, this is what I want for my birthday" list I made for my husband) ;)

And some pictures of projects in various stages:

a crummy picture of the washcloths I made during the lockdown of '07

my serious love/hate relationship of the moment. I WILL make something out of it, if I don't throw it out the window first.

and ok, so now I'm about 7" farther than this photo. But you get the idea. The beginnings of a sweater for my nephew coming on October. Yay baby! =)

And just because I'm in love with this picture at the moment, and eternally in love with this boy, who I kind of miss at the moment.

just a little.

maybe a lot.

As much as I love my 'break'...I hate having them gone....

Eddie put him on the phone this morning to say hi. It went like this:

Me: "Hi Baby! I miss you!"

Zach: Hi, Mommy

Me: "Are you having fu--"

Zach: Bye Mommy! *something inaudible* as he tosses the phone and takes off to play.

Me: sigh

Allright! I hope you're all enjoying your Monday! I'm off for a coffee fill-up, change everyone's sheets, and then knitting. Maybe scrapbooking. We'll see.


melissa @ the inspired room said...

Good morning! I know what you mean about catching up while you are falling behind! I wrote about that, too, recently, because I love to putter! I don't mean to putter, but one thing leads to another and a whole morning (or day) has gone by! Nothing on my to do list is done, but lots of little things got done that weren't on my list!

I had fun reading your blog! I am just out on a little blog tour this morning! :-) I just clicked away and here I am!

Nice to meet you!


kalurah said...

hey you!
just making sure that you saw that I tagged ya!
take care!

hiccupp said...

Hi Melissa! I'm glad its not just me. I'm plagued with "do it later-itis" sometimes :)

Thanks for stopping by and for the note!


Kalurah! I hadn't seen that yet! Oh my, Thank You! =)