Saturday, August 11, 2007

Has anyone seen Sarah?

Oh! Hi there! I just stepped away for...oh...uh...3 weeks.

WHOOPS! *ahem* My bad.

How have you all been? How are the kids? ...College? Really? Wow, I need to blog more often!

(har har har) ;)

Ok, Ok, sorry. Things were a little nutty around here the last few weeks, and apparently when I get stressed, I do something that is very similar to yelling "RETREAT!" and hiding under my desk. Not literally of course, but very very similar. Blech.

Nothing TOO stressful, just both cars broke - one without air conditioning, and one without...starting ability. Normally, not having a car doesn't bother me. We go outside, we go for walks, we play ball. Oh no wait! That's when its NOT 95 degrees with eleventy-million percent humidity. Then...we stay inside. And stare at each other. And about go mad.

The boy was bored, I was bored, and after about a week, neither of us was very fun to be around. =P Maybe a good thing I didn't blog ;)

I hate the heat as it is, but add in HEAT with no car, and I'm downright miserable. The kind of heat where its still 85 degees at 9:00pm. The kind of heat where you see that the mail has come and then decide "it can stay out there. I'm not opening the door".

The good news? The heat has come down some. Some. As in I think I saw a '91' for Monday. That's DARN NEAR 80-something. I'll take it. =P

On top of that, both cars are FIXED. We won't talk about how much that cost....because I'll cry. Hard. I will say it was less than eleventy-million. That almost makes me feel better saying it.

But I have air, so we can finally get out of this house! (And they rejoiced)

In the meantime, I knit a lot. A few ballband style dishcloths, a few other dishcloths, a scarf that I've knit/frogged/re-knit/frogged about 3 times. Right now its a ball of yarn, and I hate it a little.

I have a ton of photos I want to blog. (around eleventy-million actually! haha, I love that word!) But I'm also trying to figure out flickr. Hopefully I'll get those up tonite and you can look at something interesting, because we all writing doesn't cut it! :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I'm going to go catch up on my blog reading. More from me tonite, now that I'm back amongst the living! =)


kalurah said...

Sarah is back! yay!!!
I missed you eleventy-million times over. (tee, hee);-P
you've been up to quite a bit!
the weather here isn't much better.
hope you didn't miss your boys too badky while they were gone.
I get the same way. I think I'll enjoy the peace but end up pining away for them.
have a great week.

hiccupp said...

hehe, I'm so going to over-use that word...

They're on their way back soon, which is good. Because I don't sleep well when they're not here.

Let the chaos resume! :)