Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tag - No Tagbacks!

Remember doing that playing tag? The no tagback thing? The odd part was we never had a lot of kids playing, so you almost HAD to tagback the person who had tagged you. Hmm...

So after much thinking (and reading, as I get distracted easily) ;) Here are my tags:

1. The first one, is actually the LAST I thought of. Though it was right in front of my face all along. I had a massive DUH! moment about an hour ago. Its none other than my Aunt Corinne at Crosswinds Farm. This one was an EASY winner. I'll refrain from getting all mushy gushy - I could but I won't - suffice to say she is definitely deserving of the Nice Matters Award. (And Gary can share in it too, even though he doesn't blog, because he's equally as nice) So, in the words of my son, I wanted to tag her....."first" (she'll get that)

2. I'm 90% sure she's already been tagged, but I don't care, she's AWFULLY nice. (Nice enough, she won't mind the duplicate I'm sure!) but its Jennifer at JC Handmade. I love reading her blog. Its one of a handful I try to read every day. (my blog list has become SO LONG I catch up on most of them randomly)

3. Third is Dawn and Megan at
Ripple Along. Yeah, that's technically 2 people, but they both manage this blog and it boggles my mind how they stay on top of it. Its even ORGANIZED. ;)

4. Sandy at It's a Colorful World I've only started reading her blog in the last ...week or so. I actually "know" her from Two Peas and the RAK list. She's so very nice, and she does beautiful projects that she posts and its fun to see what she makes. She also has some REALLY neat stuff from her recent trip to Israel.

5. I mostly lurk here, but Janet at Primrose Design Anyone willing to take the time, and post the step by step (or...stitch by stitch) instructions, is deserving of any award. I love her stitch school posts - and even promise to try them...someday ;) She also has a lot of neat tidbits to read about, and its a great place for a little vintage fix. =)

*Phew!* That's that. Keeping in mind, that took me 2 days to come up with. Not because I had a hard time thinking of enough, I had a hard time narrowing it down to just 5. I have so many more I could have picked! Why do ya'll have to be so nice? ;)
And of course, another big Thanks to Kalurah for nominating me in the first place!
Zach and I went to the local Farmer's Market this morning, and its the kind of thing that wears us both a good way. We've got fresh sweet corn for dinner, a pie pumpkin because...well...he wanted one and I gave in, and I bought some soap that smells so good I may never use it. =P Along with a ton of cookies, courtesy of nominee #1.
And now, I feel a nap calling. Or at least a bit of laying down and reading. Its a GORGEOUS day (aka...its NOT raining for the first time in close to a week) 80 degrees, the windows are open and the cicadas are humming like mad. Good stuff.
Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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Corinne R. said...

Awwww, pretty girl, that was sweet! You deserve to be tagged first.
Talk about a "Duh" moment, I didn't even know that you had a I will be lurking on your blog first! : ).