Monday, November 12, 2007

NaBloPoMo - No Mo'

In case you haven't noticed, or - like me - just can't keep track of days, I missed posting on Friday. *sigh*

In my defense, I was having a lovely time with Steph and Rob (Eddie's sister and her husband). We went to their aunt's for pizza, put the kids to bed, chatted for a bit, and a bit after 11, they decided to head home while the kids were sleeping, rather than the next morning. (Anyone with small kids knows, 4 hours in the car is best done with sleeping kids) I helped them get ready (aka, I had the very important "hold the baby" job) ;) and they hit the road a bit after midnite. Well....that made it Saturday. So even though I planned to post, alas, it was too late.

So then I sulked. Because good intentions don't write blog posts. But oh well, snuggling softly snoring babies always wins.


Sandy said...

Awwwww I thought you were gonna make it. I think you made the better choice for the baby tho!

kalurah said...

soft, sweet smelling newborn wins....hands down!

ahna said...

I think that holding a sweet yummy baby is totally the best choice.
I got to hold my pal's newborn tonight. I get a little giddy thinking about it. Ahhh. That smell of new baby - I was surprised by how I'd forgotten just how little new born babies are.
Babies and friends and aunties and pizza - that's a lovely way to spend an evening, even if you didn't get a chance to write.

hiccupp said...

see, I knew ya'll would understand :) babies, pizza, darn good pizza too! The kind of stuff I could eat *right now* even though I just had breakfast and am not remotely hungry =P

Richelle said...

You know how often that happens to me! I go a week with out posting and then go WOPPS! We missed you but we knew you would be back.