Sunday, November 4, 2007

I have an idea...

I'll be back in a bit....


Back! With this:

My prototype if you will. Its a bit rough around the edges, but the basic idea is there, and it works! (forgive the off colors...that room is INSANELY yellow light, and I'm still learning photoshop....)

And if you haven't caught on (understandably!) its a placemat. More importantly, its a placemat for Zach. I was wiping the scum off - er...wiping the table down after dinner, and thinking to myself how disgusting milk dribbles are when you apparently miss some from the night before. And how I have a tablecloth, but that's in the pile of laundry to go in next because its dirty. And buying more tablecloths won't help, because I still don't want to strip and replace it every day.

(yes, my thought processes are lengthy and complicated!) :)

After all that, it finally occurred to me - PLACEMAT! *smacks forehead* duh!

I can make a dozen of them and just toss them in to be washed when he trashes one. With a placemat to take the brunt of it, the table will survive another day! Hurrah!

And just for kicks, I made it double-sided. I used some fabric I'd bought from jcasa a few months back. They were a couple of the larger scraps, and I've been wanting to use the tractor print to make SOMETHING for the boy! He loves that tractor fabric!

So, its a bit rough, but not bad for a fast attempt at 9:30 at night. =) Next version will be a bit bigger, and not so wonky (I hope!) but all in all, I'm pretty pleased with it.


ahna said...

such a cute idea - that fabric is adorable. Now, I see a digger spoon holder and dumper cup cozy and... just kidding. I just don't get boys. Anything pink works in my house.

hiccupp said...

lol ahna! :) Boys...they've got their own thing. Though my boy is the one who wants a pink quilt, with the tractor fabric *shrug* go figure.

Kristy said...

I keep meaning to make some table mats but never get around to it.I must find the time!

jennifer said...

eek! it's awesome sarah! and extra credit for reversible :-)