Monday, October 1, 2007

Family Fun Day - Part 1 OR How to amuse a 3 year old boy

I think I might change the name of my blog to "I take too many pictures". Seriously. I wonder if there is a program, or a patch, or something. Onward!

So, this was technically last week, but its taken me this long to sit down and sort through the uhm...large quantity...of pictures I took that day. I blame the manufacturer, who on earth thought it would be a good idea to give ME a memory card that holds 300+ pictures. I was set up.

So, if you're ever in need of a GUARANTEED happy 3 year old boy, I've got your answer!

The John Deere Pavilion, heaven on earth if you're a 3 year old who loves tractors.

we didn't even get inside, he just RAN around for 5 minutes before we could coax him to the door.

Have you ever had a deer stop in front of your car and just STARE, stunned and unsure where to go next?

We did this about 57 times.

..and then on to another...

There was virtually no "sitting still and smiling so mommy can take a picture"
It was more "Good luck lady! I'm busy!!!"
....and on to another...
...and...on to another...
Neat, sign says its a Self-Propelled Cotton Picker. but...
I'm almost positive its nickname is "Self-Propelled Arm Eater"
It just seems like one of those warning stickers with a hand in the tines seems appropriate.
Then we stopped in the store. Its insane.

::whistling innocently:: just taking pictures of my son playing.

Ok, ok, I was trying to take pictures of the store without looking like a LOON! =)
Its actually amazing, but still insane. So much green and yellow, and the emblem of the deer on everything.

This...just made me laugh. I know, its fertilizer. But seeing as it got so much news when people were stealing it to make meth, it just strikes me as odd that kids can play with a tank of anhydrous ammonia.

We did eventually get him out of there. How you ask? The promise of ice cream. Part 2.

**the spacing is all messed up on this post, sorry its so cramped. I've tried fixing it 1,000 times, and blogger and I are about to throw down! If you know the trick to getting blogger to cooperate, I'd loan you my firstborn in exchange for said information!**


kalurah said...

wow! that place looks like fun!
I'll probably get stuck taking my Zach to either Space Camp or a Trekie Museum!!!
Blogger CAN be extremely temperamental, can't it!
I think I hit the EDIT pencil icon 40 times after I've published the post!

hiccupp said...

lol..yup, I've hit 'edit' more times than I know what to do with, and spaces! grr...