Monday, October 29, 2007

Family Fun Day...Part Deux

Hello All! Remember a long, long time ago, in a far away blog, a certain blogger hinted at a follow up post to the tractor extravaganza? Well, here it is!

I was just building anticipation...uh yeah, anticipation. Right. (Its not that I started it, and... forgot) *ahem* MOVING ON!

So after we (I'd) had about all the tractor we (I) could take, we headed over to Lagomarcino's. Lagomarcino's is a family owned joint. They are KNOWN for their handmade chocolates, candies, and ice cream. ...My husband considers it a grave shame that I grew up in the area, and before this day, had only been...ONCE. With some friends from high school, I think. But now? NOW, I've been twice.

But I discovered something. I LOVE this place! Like, hide in the bathroom and wait quietly, hoping they'll lock up and leave me there, love it.

Let me show you why *I* love it -

First, its adorable, look at that awning, and awesome sign. You'd think I'd get a better picture of the sign, but

Come on in! And join me in staring at the floor. I love this floor. If I had a zillion dollars, I'd have this floor.

....I don't.

The booths are original (ok, EVERYTHING is original)

And those Tiffany style lamps, that were made to match the tile floor (I read that on the menu)

The soda counter. I mean, how can you mess up with a place that has a soda counter??

Ok, the light is cool, love the light, but LOOK at the ceiling. If I had a zillion dollars, I'd have that ceiling.

....I don't.

Zach enjoying himself in the mirror. I enjoy him in the mirror as well.

Now, let me show you why Eddie loves this place -

Gee, can you guess which of these was his lunch? If you've met my husband, this is an EASY answer.

Ding Ding Ding!!! You win! And as you can see, his son takes after him!

I will say, I'm NOT a fan of vanilla ice cream, just seems like wasted space. BUT, this vanilla ice cream won me over! Its super delish!

And now, why Zach loves this place -

OHHHHH yeah baby!

Decisions, decisions, decisions....

Candy pumpkins it is!

Zach's eyeing some John Deere candy-related item. I'm eyeing that huge chocolate case to the left....

Dude! Move! I can't see the chocolate!

And, for the record, we bought the MOST delicious caramel apple there that day! We made the mistake of buying "one to share". Pfffft! That was a dumb idea! Trust me, next time, we'll buy 2. They're so good you find yourself giving your spouse the stink-eye if they come too close to your half. "What's mine is yours" does NOT apply here.

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