Thursday, October 25, 2007

I give....

*ahem* ok, the moving hasn't gone EXACTLY as planned. There was a problem when I realized the cable won't reach to the other side of the room. an intelligent person would have seen this issue in the beginning, not 30 minutes into dismantling the computer., I had to re-think the blog-fast. I'm back. I missed you.

So...I'm intermittently typing this from "work". I feel funny calling it "work" because A. I enjoy it (hah!) and B. uh...I'm sitting here blogging.... And my boss would be ok with that. Because this computer takes about 7.9 minutes to open a file, and 12.4 to save one.

Ok, Ok, that's a slight exaggeration. ...slight. So I click "open" choose my file, switch over to blogger, write my life story, and about the time I hit post, my picture is ready to go! (seriously, I just counted, 28 seconds last try)

Ok, so what's new with Sarah? Not a lot. If you've been a reader of this that. Smart aleck.

I do have some pictures I want to share with you (family fun day part 2, our trip to the pumpkin patch, plus random "isn't my son the cutest thing on earth?" until you want to hurl from over-exposure to his stunning grin pictures) But...I'm at work. No pictures. Sorry dudes.

I'm mainly just popping in to say hi -

......while I

.....wait for

.......files to

.....or save.

....either is

....a lengthy


Alright, that's all from me! Back to chillin' with my Jimmy Eat World CD and get my order done and go home, maybe watch some COPS, and crash.

Have a great weekend! Make sure you do something fun! :)

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