Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Getting there...

*ahem* notice anything to the right there?

(Is it sad I had to stop and think "wait, is my right their right?" yes you dummy!) =)

Yeah, see the suddenly LOOONNNNG list of bloggers? Yup. That's right, I finally realized I hadn't updated my blogroll since I started my blog. Every time I found a new blog (oh, about every 2.3 hours) I'd add it to my favorites. Done. Then later, I can go back to it....often. :) But apparently, its just too taxing to my poor gray matter, to actually go into blogger, add it and click 'save'. Oh, the exertion!

But that list, is painfully short. My list I READ is...not! egad it grew! When I wasn't looking! I didn't even add them all yet, I know I missed a few in my race to copy paste while Elmo was on.
Round 2 will come later, I think I hear my brain sizzling....

So...go! Read them! Love them! uh...add them to your blogroll. :)

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