Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Dangers of Blogging....

I've come to realize, that I have about 10 blog posts "missing" in the sense that I had every intention of posting, but never got around to it. Why you ask? ....Evil Bloggers.

Sure, sure, they act all innocent with their delicious recipes, inspiring projects, and fun snippets. But really? They're malicious time suckers!!! Cleverly disguised as blog writers.

I'm onto you.

See, this is what happens: I get onto my blog, and think "well, I'll read my blog roll first" no danger in that right? (psh!) But see, then THEY have blog lists on their blog, which...I'm obligated to read, because they MUST be interesting...and they are. And then that blogger links to another blog, and then pretty soon, I've spent an hour on the computer and I'm deep into the blog underbelly. ...and with no blog post to show for it.

SO...I command you all, STOP! STOP being interesting, funny, inspiring, or decorative! Cease and Desist! ....long enough for my "attention span of a kitten" self to make a blog post!

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!

(Ok, don't really stop, I'd go into withdrawal....but...give me 10 minutes.) =)


Corinne R. said...

HA! You are safe with my blog...I never post anything interesting...carry on.

hiccupp said...

FALSE! I spent a good 45 minutes the other day in a web of shepard-ish blogs that ALLL stemmed from a visit to yours! ...guilty.

And I find it terribly interesting :) ...that doesn't say much though. ;)

Galadriel Thompson said...

Hey! That's what happens to me too! Those cheeky bloggers.

kalurah said...

I'm sorry to say, it happens to us ALL!
Face it, we are all EVIL!!!
YOU included, my deary!

kalurah said...

Plus, NOW you will feel the uncontrollable need to go read my daughter's new blog, "Zoe's Room".
Okay...I am evil to the very core!

hiccupp said...

oh good. it's not just me! :)

and off to check out my newest favorite blogger!