Friday, September 21, 2007

Looking for a Quilt Binding Tutorial

Allright blog readers, help me out here, apparently my brain left work early today for a long weekend at the lake and never told me.

I remember seeing on someone's blog, a great 'tutorial' on quilt binding. I couldn't tell you who, or even when, beyond "sometime after April? and before...October" ;)

So, if you know of one...any. As long as its about quilt binding, I'll take it!

I'm working on finishing this quilt (aka...wall hanging, because Sarah did bad math in her head!'ll see...) and I'm thinking either I just suck at this, or I'm doing something a bit wrong.

So...quilt binding blog posts! Got any? :)


kalurah said...

Okay, there's a great one over at heather baily and also one at purl bee.
there's also a really good video tutorial here for invisible miters.
Hope that helps! I hate doing binding! I usually just end up chickening out and sewing around the entire blanket and skipping the binding altogether! (I'm a wuss!)

hiccupp said...

ah hah!!! *smooch!*

that's the one I was looking for!!

I just pushed through and finished, so maybe the next one will be better! =)