Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tagged: Middle Name Game

I turned my back for ONE second, trying to catch my breath, and there she was. Kalurah slapped me on the back, yelled "Tag!" and darted off again before I even knew what happened!

She's sneaky like that. So...I'm it.

So, the idea being I take the letters of my middle name, and use them to create a list of favorites. Let's start with my middle name - Hallé. French Canadian eh? er...oui? I'm not even sure the 'accent' is going the right way, I could ask my Pepere (grandpa), but then he'd make me pracitce pronouncing it "correcTly", and he'd point out that I didn't put the correct 'accents' on Pepere, and I'm not up for that this morning. =)

(I jest, but I think the man would burst with pride if any of us ever REALLY learned french, instead of the broken garble a few of us learned in high school.)

So, my middle name is Hallé. Which is my Memere's (grandma) maiden name.

H...has stumped me. Its taken me a day to post this because I CANNOT think of an 'H'. But then sitting here I just thought of one! Holidays! I'm a nut for holidays! Christmas and Thanksgiving mainly. First off, I'm part of a family of VERY good cooks! And a family that cooks like its feeding a small town. I love holidays! ;) But also because its one of the few times that almost everyone is in one place for any period of time. There are 13 cousins ranging from 25 (me) to 11? 12? So between college, school, friends, etc. It seems like there is always someone missing at most of our causal gatherings. But holidays, every one is there...whether they like it or not! ;)

Plus, they just give me the warm fuzzies. Every year I have visions of our house decorated for the season, and dinners, cookies and treats. ....Every year I fall short of that vision. lol! but I'm getting better =)

A...apples? (I do love gala apples) no. How about - A Prarie Home Companion. That's better! I LOVE that show! I've missed it the last few weeks, and I'm hoping to catch the repeat tonite! I never imagined I'd be one to listen to a radio show, but here I am, professing my undying love for the whole 2 hours of it., I have 2 L's and I can't even think of the first one. Why can't my middle name have a Y(arn) or a P(aper) or an F(abric)? Lamps - I apparently have a thing for lamps. I'm always looking at them at the store, trying to find one that 'fits'. I love funky ones.

L...Little things. Yes, its kind of cheating, and maybe a bit corny. But its true - little things make me happy. A nifty frame on clearance, a note from my husband, my coffee cup, when my son leans against my back and says "I like you". ...those are good.

E...envelopes, in the form of mail. I'm all for technology, but I still love getting things in the mail. ...except bills... But I'm the kind of person who watches the mail from the time I order something, even though I KNOW full well it won't be here for 2 more days. But I still check, just in case warp speed was integrated by the US Postal System. Its possible.

This...was HARD! And I'm sure I'll think of better answers for all of them once I post this and stop thinking so hard about it. But for now, that's Sarah Hallé in a nutshell. Emphasis on the nut ;)
Now the tag-ees....
1. Kristy - too bad I couldn't incorporate "Desk" into my name, because even though I'm 25, I am in LOVE with her daughter's desk!
2. Soule Mama - aka Amanda - whose book is on my list of things to buy soon!
3. Turkey Feathers - though I'm WAY behind reading the blog, I didn't realize she was back from summer break! Lot's of good catching up to come...including this finish what you have idea.
4. Lou - At some point I must have clicked her blog link on 2 peas,
and she's got some amazing scrap projects! Plus, just good blog stuff :)
I realized I just happened to be playing favorites today: My favorites: cup, nail polish, camera, sweater, and pants. and my wallpaper in the background. We're going to take it down (its starting to peel/age) but I'm going to save some and frame it. :)


kalurah said...

I love your middle name!
So, do you ever watch ER on NBC?
one of the nurses' names is Halle.
(if I'm pronouncing yours correctly in my head!)
that wallpaper framing idea is so brilliant!!!
I would never have thought of it, you smarty-pants, you!

hiccupp said...

I used to watch it all the time, and then somehow missed most of last season! Its hal (like pal) ee. :)

And I only half thought of the wallpaper idea. I'd thought of FRAMING some neat wallpaper I'd seen before, but didn't occur to me to frame the stuff ON THE WALL until I saw it in a Lowe's mailing the other day. So I *kinda* cheated ;)

Richelle said...

Kalurah tagged me to. Fast that one.

You have a beautiful middle name and you did great. My husband is addicted to prarie home companion, so I'm getting my first taste of it.

Good luck with your project.