Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Best Birthday Present EVER

...and its not even mine. Though I deeply covet it....

Uh..that's great, Sarah. But...what is it?

Ah! I thought you might ask...

Its a strand of lights with 'boxes' on each one. Yaya made each one, and sent it for Zach's birthday. (do you feel that warm fuzzy feeling? I do.)

But why you ask? (aside from the fact that they look awesome!) When Yaya and Papoo where here in July, she would take a piece of paper, fold it into a box, and blow it up for Zach. He thought this was the greatest trick a human being could perform. Once we opened the box, I flashed back to a couple of weeks ago when we were talking to them on Skype and I mentioned that he'd been asking me for weeks to make him a box, but I couldn't remember how, and had told him we'll have to ask Yaya to make one. After I thought about it, I vaguely remembered her saying something about it, but had forgotten until we opened the box and there it was!

Its SO amazing! We're going to put it up in his room (which is WAY behind schedule! Now that its cool enough, we're going to paint it SOON!) And I'd been debating on what color to paint his room. I wanted to do 'vintage primary' colors. You know, the colors from 50's toys. That really great red, golden yellow, lighter green versions. And these lights finally pushed me to decide that's what I want to do. They're perfect. So now I feel inspired to actually DO his room, the way I want.

(see, originally...I had just randomly picked some fabrics, made a quilt top and thought we'd go around that. Except...I hate it. lol. But didn't want to 'waste' the quilt top. But...I just can't do it. I'm going with plan B)

Needless to say, I think its the best birthday present ever. Even if he doesn't understand how much time and thought went into it, I will love and keep it forever.


kalurah said...

those boy room colors sound awesome!
can't wait to see pics of it, once it's completed!
I also love the bright, primary Americana type colors for a boys room.

Sandy said...

Holy cow, that looks AWEsome! That is definitely the best present!

ahna said...

What a great gift - cool AND sentimental. What a lucky little guy. I can't wait to see what you do with the whole room now that you've got an inspiration piece.
PS - I've been reading your blog for awhile now because I found it from a link on another blog. I know what you mean. Hours and hours and hours, and where am I? Sitting right here reading about the interesting lives of others while I neglect my own. lol

hiccupp said...

isn't it lovely? :)

And I love that room kalurah...I love all of PB's rooms :)

and Hi ahna! thanks for reading! I think I'd also found your blog, but didn't realize it until now!