Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Finds - Vintage and Otherwise

Ok, give me a minute to catch up. Its THURSDAY? When the heck did that happen?

I've missed you blog, sorry I've been gone a lot, its that I'm working...

Well ok, I'm not really working. But it has kept me VERY busy this week whilst I learn my new job. A few weeks ago a friend approached me about working part-time for her. Its actually the best opportunity, and I'm DELIGHTED she asked me, and its the best 'fit' right now.

Being that I'm a "stay-at-home-mom" (gah! that phrase! like nails on a chalkboard I tell ya!) and have NO DESIRE to "work" anytime soon, I wasn't even entertaining the thought. Had I even considered it, it would be nearly impossible with E-dawg's schedule - which is pretty 'set', but can change at any minute, and forget holiday weeks. ...those are just chaos.

SO...she's asked me to be her "office assistant" (which sounds funny to me, because it makes me feel like I need to put my hair in a bun, and wear smart glasses and crisp tailored white shirts) She's a photographer, so I'm just doing all of the 'behind the scenes' stuff. Filling, ordering, a bit of cleaning, filling orders, etc. Which is my...ideal. Put me in an office, with a list of what needs to be done, and let me go. No phones, no customers, no interruptions, and pens!

(I should clarify, her customers are lovely, I'm referencing customers from my cashier days. You know who you are.... The ones who accused me of switching sale signs on the 44 cent acrylic paint "just to get you", or accuse me of lying when I tell you "we don't have any more 40% off coupons" - yeah, you got me. My whole goal today was to wait for you to walk in, and yell "HAHA! SCREW YOU!") ....uhm....I didn't really love being a cashier some days ;)!

Right, new job!

I'm a bit of an office supply nerd. ...I'm A LOT of an office supply nerd. Nothing makes me happier than new pens and a new notebook. So...this makes me happy. :)

Its very part time, and aside from 'training' this week and next, I can go in whenever my little heart desires. An hour after dinner? Sure! A couple hours on Tuesday morning? Why not! THAT itself, is the beauty of this thing.

...and a little extra fun money never hurt anyone ;)

So that's what I did on my summer vacation. If my summer vacation was the last week.

In the midst of all of this employment, Zach and I stopped at a yard sale on Thriday (it was Thursday or Friday, I can't remember) and found these lovelies:

Good Morning vintage aprons!! How are you today?

Pink ric-rak detail (we can vote later on your preferred spelling of ric-rak, ric-rac, etc.)

I actually had to take a picture to be able to 'see' the pattern in this. looking at it in person its REALLY hard to tell, you know its supposed to be something, but it wasn't until I got this picture I could see it.
The very lovely woman I talked to said they're from the 60's. I'm kicking myself now for not asking her if SHE had made them, though I'm pretty sure they were hers.

I also came out with this lovely pile: eh...scratch that, I apparently never loaded the picture? We'll come back to that. Its super cute fabric, you'll see!

Oh! the newer finds you ask? Behold....

Oh yeah! Those are kittens. And yes. They're on my porch.

...and no. I don't want them to be. At least - that's what I have to keep repeating to myself 100 times a day or they'll come inside and never leave.

No, I'm not an animal hater, quite the contrary (or else there wouldn't be kittens on my back porch!!) Its just we're looking for a new puppy right now (if there happen to be any Boston terrier breeders perusing my blog, let's chat!) And one kitten, maybe. Two? ehhhh....

I *think* they're both boys. But...very wiggly boys, so I'm not 100% sure until they'll sit still long enough for me to ask them to turn their head and cough. They're very sweet, and INTENT on coming in the house. I'm not sure why (I know what you're going to say! Don't you dare!) because you'd think they'd be scared of a new place. Oh no! Not these guys! "Let's go on in! I bet the couch is this way!"

Needless to say I'm making a flyer for el-husband to take to work. I feel better putting it there where he "knows" everyone and can tell who is serious and will actually neuter (or spay, if my judgement is TOTALLY off) these buggers.

and yes, they're VERY cute and I'm resisting the urge to name them, even though a few have crossed my mind.


On that note, have you ever googled LOLCATS? do it now. it'll waste the better part of an afternoon, but you didn't have plans anyway.


Sandy said...

Okay Sarah, you just HAD to send me to lolcats, didn't you. I did have other things to do! Sheesh! Now I've wasted so much time....but lol, giggling is worth it!!!!

LOVE the kitten pics---Can you mail me one???? I love them!! TOOOO Cute!!!!

kalurah said...

I am so jealous, Sarah.
I am wishing, these days, that there was some way for me to make some extra moolah, but time never permits.
or circumstance.
(I didn't know there was such a thing as Extra Money!?!!) ;)
those cats are undeniably cute! too bad my Zach suffers from asthma and allergies to pet dander. :(

jen said...

you've got 2 things i love - vintage aprons and cute little kitties!

hiccupp said...

aren't they darling? ..the kitties are cute too ;) hah!

(and yes, they're still here...temporarily...I think)

and as usually happens, my 'extra money' found a use. ...paying the vet bill for the kitties =P go figure :)