Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Huh, there's a word I don't seem to use often! ;) But turkey feathers (turkey feathers'?) "finish what you have" challenge has motivated me to finish the pile of "WIP"s. I also finished a few washcloths, and a scarf that I have no use for. (why did I make it? I liked the yarn. *shrug*)

So...at any rate, my "things to finish" pile is smaller. Which is good, because my "things to start" pile is mounting. Oh, and someone pointed out that Christmas is three months from TODAY.

I'll pause here, I know that probably made you feel a bit shaky and dizzy.

Deep breath - Better? Ok!

Yeah, scary thought! Because in my crafty brain, I can make Christmas gifts for everyone on my list!! And I can. If I start January 1st. Hm. Might be cutting it a bit close this year ;)

I've got plans for baby blankets, socks, hats, embroidery items, scrapbook stuff, you name it. And 3 months to get it all done. If nothing else it will be amusing for you all to follow along and watch me lose my mind before admitting defeat on December 20th, and making a late night dash to Old Navy for gift cards! =) Oh, it'll be great!

Having said that, I can comfort myself temporarily in the fact that I FINISHED this 'quilt'! WOOHOO! My first, finished, quilted, binded (bound) quilt! No small victory!

The downside? uh...its too small. Way too small. Not done correctly, FULL of mistakes, AND I noticed a side is already coming apart at the binding - which I feared might happen, if you saw it when I was sewing it on - but I'm a pro at denial, and hoped it would work. ...it did not.

So, what was supposed to be a baby quilt for my nephew - who I claim is due ANY day, she's due the first week of October but I'm putting money on getting a phone call by the end of next week - it came out so awful that I'm keeping it, and making him a new one.

Well, I hope. (refer to baby prediction above)

See, if I hang it on the wall, it doesn't look bad. If you stand far away, it doesn't look bad. If you held it in your hands, and showed anyone who has made a quilt, they would suffocate and die from a vicious fit of laughter that left them unable to catch their breath. And I wouldn't want that on my conscience.

But here are the pictures, because after all, from far away, its still cute! :)

So then, I realized I can't get a good 'full shot'. I asked my trusty assistant to help!

"Wait! Zach, you need to stand still!"

That's the face that leads to trouble.

See how big it looks when a 3 year old holds it? Its downright huge!

Oh. Maybe not.

And he's all for helping, but there was a game on, so don't expect him to look at you.

So there it is. all 20.5" of it. Hopefully "Kayden Quilt V. 2.0" goes better!


Sandy said...

your quilt IS cute sarah! and dont scare me with that christmas countdown yet, k???

Jen M said...

I think it's adorable! I recently made a similar post on my blog - my first quilt, full of mistakes ... but lovingly gifted anyway ;o) And yes, yours is small BUT it's a perfect playmat! Especially one to pack-and-go. So I think you should gift it anyway :o) WELL DONE!

kalurah said...

ditto, Jen....
Sarah, I really think you should give it lovingly as a play blankie for the floor.
I had a friend give me one with my Zachary and I used it CONSTANTLY!
besides, when it's your first baby, you freak out over all the germs on the floor, so new mommies LOVE these!! It would ALSO work great as a lap blanket in the stroller, perfect for winter time!!
I think it is ADORABLE!!
and no worries, my FIRST baby blanket turned out so "well" that I ended up ripping all the binding seams out and sewing around the border wrong sides facing, pulling it inside out and sewing around again. I just SKIPPED the binding all together. I am just NOT cut out for it!

kalurah said...

BTW, what game wasyour hubster watch'n?
we're all CUBBIES, here.

hiccupp said...

sorry sandy, I promise henceforth to limit my mention of the approaching holidays....TRUST ME! ;)

and thanks jen & kalurah - I'm debating still. There's still the issue of the binding separating in one spot on the front, so we'll see if I can fix that...hmm...

Oh! and he was watching some random football game, I couldn't tell you who if you put a screen shot in front of me :)

But he is DEFINATELY a Cubbies fan! Cubs, a little yankees for nostalgia sake (his dad was) and hawkeyes.

I *own* a cubs shirt and an Iowa shirt, that's as much as I know about it all :)

ahna said...

That quilt was wonderful. I love the color combo. Very cool and yet, a little retro. I'd love to have one ounce of talent for that sort of thing.
I made a lap blanket for my daughter out of random scraps of fleece. She was a baby and we live in Minnesota, after all. I thought, it looks ridiculous, but I'll probably loose it within a month - we walk everywhere. It's the only thing I can ever find - $100 sunglasses? Gone. $35 travel coffee mug? Gone. Crappy little fleece blanket with no style, mismatched fabric and ridiculously bad stitching - on the front porch or being dragged around by a now 8 year old girl and her lovies.
And I agree - no more holiday planning. Yikes! Am I behind already, or what! ;-)

hiccupp said...

aww ahna! how sweet that she loves that wretched little thing ;)