Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Someone remind Sarah she has a blog...

Hi! Remember me? =)

I really haven't been cleaning my kitchen for the last 6 days. (The thought alone scares me!) Just one of those weeks where you seem to do a lot of work, with not much to show for it. Ever have one of those? I hate those.

Like yesterday, I decided to tear apart the closet in our dining room (yes, there is a closet in our dining room, more on that another time) and I spent hours in there, and got A LOT done. ...unless you weren't there to see it all, in that case it looks like I got NOTHING done. I promise you, I did! =)

I also managed to "fix" the camera (new batteries, huh...) but my lighting was gone, so pictures of projects will have to wait until tomorrow. (awwww...)

But, since I can't post without pictures, here's a few I found when I ..."fixed"... the camera.

(Excuse his mis-matched outfit, we're trying to make it through the summer on what he has left, and every once in a while, the orange shirt comes out.)

See those star shoes? Never has a boy LOVED a pair of shoes as much as he loves those shoes! I worry what will happen when he outgrows them...soon.

He was out the other night "playing golf". He would have stayed out all night swinging at that little white ball, and thought he was the greatest when he actually hit it. (which of course, he is)

I got to thinking, and realized he loves anything with a stick. Golf, drums, baseball, and well...sticks. If its an activity that involves swinging some sort of long stick, he's all over it!

He makes his daddy proud. ;)

1 comment:

kalurah said...

closet in your dining room? honey, I got one too!
how weird is THAT? who designs these places? some man without a clue, I'm sure.
I WAS beginning to wonder where you were. if you fell into a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes that had sprouted a tiny village and the villagers took you captive.
okay, I didn't REALLY think THAT.
I'm glad you have returned and have once again blessed the blog world.
have a great day!
ps your boy is so cute!