Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Killer Colds and Yard Sale Finds

So, our family spent the weekend with the worst cold to strike Illinois in DECADES. Well, that's how my husband acted anyway. :) Saturday nite niether of us really felt like cooking (or eating really) so I had a lightbulb moment and decided to make chicken & rice soup. 2 cans of chicken broth, 2 chicken breasts, brown rice, baby carrots, some salt & pepper and some sage. Voila! It was a pretty lame chicken & rice soup mind you, but I was pretty proud that it turned out at all! It doesn't look like much, but when you can't taste anything, it doesn't take much to impress! ;) It was pretty miserable being sick, in June (when the weather was GEORGOUS for Illinois in June.) but we're feeling much better, because of my soup I'm sure!

We did hit a yard sale in the hours before The Cold of '07. We saw a set of chairs that were fabulous, old and in need of some love, but so neat. But we had to pass because we're broke this week. ;) bummer. I did grab a couple cute finds that fit into my 'broke budget'...

Strawberry Shortcake Lunchbox -

which I'm hoping to find a place in our office/computer/scrap/craft/etc. room when its done....if its ever done.

and this pretty handstitched/crocheted table runner -

Which I'm thinking of making a pillow out of, but I'm still kind of scared to cut it. ;) So for now, its sitting on my desk and I'll just look at it. (and I don't know what happend to the second had edges I swear....weird.)

Well, now its Wednesday, and I have a TON of things to catch up on after losing the weekend. I should probably quit rambling on here and get back

Ok, I'm going.

Here I go.

Off to clean.

I mean it.

*sigh* ok :)


kalurah said...

blogger does have it's little "quirks", doesn't it?
I have to tell ya though, it is by far, better than wordpress, which is what I previously used. UGH!
sorry to hear you all missed the visit from the "lovely weekend" faerie. hope you're feeling better.
that strawberry shortcake box KILLS!
I know I had one in elementary, but did my mom save it? of COURSE not!
it would be perfect to store scrap fabric, binding or buttons or floss!
ooh, ideas, ideas!
take care.
p.s. lol in regards to the dragging your feet over cleaning. why do you think I've made this comment so long-winded!

hiccupp said...

ooh kalurah...keep thinking, you're good at this :)

I did *some* cleaning, does that mean I can take a break and read blogs? lol

kalurah said...

yes, my dear.
I "blog" between loads of laundry.
and believe me, that's planty of "blog" time!