Saturday, June 2, 2007

Its Saturday and, the band is playin'...

...honey could you ask for more?

We're not terribly exciting people. We're just not. To demonstrate this fact, let me describe our Saturday night to you. I listen to
A Prarie Home Companion EVERY Saturday night. (oh heck, most Sunday's too...I know its just a repeat of the night before, but its THAT. GOOD.) Eddie...tolerates it. He's not a big fan, just doesn't get why I like (love) that show.

So the only thing that's different that any other Saturday nite is this:

Isn't it awesome? I'm not sure what its called, I'm sure it has a real name, but we call it "the big radio thing". We picked it up at the Salvation Army yesterday for $10. TEN. DOLLARS. I saw it last week (along with another they had) and wanted it badly, but it was $50. Not that I wouldn't have paid $50, I just didn't HAVE $50. ;) Dilema.

But for whatever reason, it was down to ten bucks when we went in, and it was ours.

The record player doesn't work, but I'm 99% sure we could fix it if we had any idea what we were doing. The radio DOES work and is just awesome! It actually sounds great. And I'll tell you, Garrison Keillor sounds especially nice.

And just because I took them:

So now, back to my description of our Saturday nights - Eddie's out trying to find a piece to hook up the dishwasher, and after that? COPS. - Yes. COPS. That's how exciting we are.

I might even throw in some knitting.

Have a good weekend!

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kalurah said...

hey, Sarah!
I discovered your lovely blog through your comment at jc handmade.
I appreciated your comment regarding your own 'poop' adventures with your child. I also have a Zach. he is nearly four now.
keep up the blogging! I've added yours to my blogroll. I'm really enjoying it!
take care, kalurah

p.s. I LOVE thriftstore shopping and that radio console is sublime!
great find!(have you noticed, I like using exclamation points and I can NEVER seem to wrap it up when I talk (er, type). ;-)