Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Catching Up and New Finds

Good Afternoon!

Just a quick note - My Etsy store is UP...and even has things listed! (oohhh...ahhhh) Its taken me forever - mainly because I hate *listing* things. It should be a fairly fast process, but I somehow manage to take a half hour to list one thing. ...its a special talent that I possess :)

I still have A LOT to add, more pencil cups, knit/crochet dishcloths, cards, you'll see. :) It still needs some tweaking, but its started! Hurray!

On the topic of Etsy, look what I found after reading Vintage Pleasure this morning: dottieangel Her shop is AWESOME! Its one of the few shops where I've looked at EVERY. SINGLE. thing. I'm very jealous of whoever bought this slip How cute is that? And her full slips are georgous! And this bag ...or any bag :)
Allright, enough swooning, but seriously, check it out!
And when you're done there: hiccupp's hobbies :)
(yes its called Hiccupp's Hobbies, I'm not fond of it, but until I think of something else, it remains)
Now, go...spend an hour browsing all the shops on etsy, you'll be glad you did! =)

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