Thursday, May 10, 2007

Guess its time for another post...

Ignoring the fact that its been...well over a month since my first (and...uh...last) posting, I officially got a comment! =) *gasp!* (thanks for stopping molly!) So now, I feel obligated to add SOMETHING before the post/comment ratio is thrown off. Because then that wouldn't be a blog. ...I'm not sure what it would be, let's not worry about that.

On the "stuff I made" topic, I sat down Tuesday and Wednesday with the goal of making some Mother's Day cards. After a good hour of sitting, shuffling papers and embellishments, I finally got inspired and found a combination I was happy with. I made 2 variations, and was pretty darn happy to actually accomplish something after months of scrappers block.

Feeling quite inspired, I was excited to share my new project with my blog. But darn, camera batteries are dead, hmmm.... Ah! I'll scan them! ...bad idea. After much editing, they still...look like crap. So bear with me, trust that they aren't as hideous as they scanned. They're actually a very nice soft orange, aqua, green combination that looks much (MUCH) better in person.

but at any rate, here they are!

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