Monday, March 19, 2007

Little bit of everything

I give in, I have a blog.

Why? I'm not sure. Its not because I'm so very interesting, that I needed a way to keep everyone informed of my daily activities. Pretty much the opposite :) Just a chance for me to add snippets of things here and there, as they come. To have an easy way to share "what's up lately" That kind of thing. And to give me something to show for all the crazy projects I start randomly ;)

Hopefully it will evolve into some sort of focused effort, but for now...hey I have a blog!

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She sure is strange! said...

Hey, that's the same reason I started a blog! Sort of. It's a place for me to collect my thoughts and such. It would be nice to be as funny as Crazy Aunt Purl or something but I've got 3 kids and that sort of thing going on, no time to collect my thoughts.