Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother's Day Chicken

Let's face it, I take too many pictures. No seriously....TOO many pictures.
I rarely get them printed because I have to go through 10 almost identical shots to pick the ONE I want. So today I forced myself to sit down and go through the pictures I took on Mother's Day, delete the ones I don't want, edit a few, etc.

My photo editing program sucks, but I gave it a shot anyway. I ended up with a few I was actually fairly happy with...even though I still HATE the program. ;)

These were taken out at my aunt's house Sunday afternoon. We all went out, ate, played with the baby sheep (yes, lambs, but we just call them baby sheep because Zach doesn't get the same species/different name concept) My cousins and boyfriends of cousins spent most of the afternoon pushing Zach on his tractor, he got to hold a chicken, and even pet the long as they didn't look at him! It was georgous out, and Zach had a blast. Good day.

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