Thursday, June 14, 2007

"We do not put yogurt in the toaster"

Not a rule I ever thought to cover, though...maybe I should have.

And to pour a talllll glass of Pepsi.

Oh, did I mention we're in the market for a new toaster? And we've instilled a yougurt ban. ....and an unsupervised 2 1/2 year old ban. (silly mommy for thinking you could flip through a magazine on the couch for 3 minutes)


kalurah said...

oh deary-me!
yes, WHAT were you thinking attempting 3 whole minutes for yourself?
don't you know the world comes to a grinding halt around you?
how does a toddler manage to drag a chair into the kitchen all by himself?

hiccupp said...

well, it was so easy for him - no chair required! - because we keep the toaster in a cabinet near the floor since we don't have the counter space to keep it out.

He was *supposed* to be eating his snack at his little kitchen - which I can see from the couch.

Glanced up to check on him and went in to investigate....blueberry toaster ;)

LUCKILY its not on the counter, even close to plugged in.

kalurah said...

I unplug my toaster after using it. but my little stinker can just as easily plug it in.
outlets are his favorite place to play!
I'm just waiting to discover him with a singed mowhawk and black nailbeds!

Angel Jem said...

But Mommy, toasted yoghurt tastes so much better than ordinary!