Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wanna See the Back of my Head?

Well here's your chance! You see, I'm not much of a picture person. I know, I know, I keep telling myself I NEED to get more pictures with me *IN* them instead of taking them. Its important, my son will want to look back years from now, yada yada yada. I get it...I hate them.

No really, I look at pictures of myself, cringe, and delete them before they ever see the end of the USB cable to upload them to the computer. I realize I'm *probably* being a little hard on myself, but I can't see a picture of myself without picking it apart 10,000 ways.

At any rate, here's the back of my head! That's me, gray tshirt, trying to hide from the camera. And see that sweater hanging on the back of my chair? I'LL NEVER GIVE IT UP! I love that thing, even though it has seen some MUCH better days. (and really, its just an acrylic sweater from kohls, so why I'm so attached I'll never know) But I'll wear it until it falls apart! Erhm...well, it is kind of falling apart...hmm...
Back on topic Sarah! The picture is from QC StitchnBitch last nite.
I finally got brave and went a few weeks ago. Well, not so much brave as "not absolutely terrified". Fine line. :) A very nice bunch of ladies. and coffee. and knitting. in once place.
Lovely :)
I finished my last dishcloth for a dishcloth swap I'm doing. Those will go out Monday, and I'm excited to see what will come back :) I'll try to post a picture of mine before they go. I'm actually happy with them, and even want some for myself, but I have to knit SOMETHING else first, because after doing 4 of the same pattern - I hate it at the moment. Oh I love it, but I hate it just a little after doing 4 in a row. ;)
Not much else to report, the boy has a wicked cold. And today was the most icky humid day, so he was nothing but a congested, runny nose mess. Even with the AC on, it didn't run enough to really kick out the humidity in the house. We've been waiting all day for some NASTY storms to come though tonite. Bad weather on its way, but at least it will cut through this soupy air and be cool enough to go outside tomorrow!
Off to work on some Etsy stuff! Have a great weekend!

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