Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Let's Make a Deal

I really WANT to post a few piddly projects I've managed to get done in the last week or so but:

1. My camera doesn't seem to want to turn on? This can't be good.


2. I NEED to get my house knocked into shape. You see, my dad and my step-mom are coming in 10 days. (I hate the term 'step-mom' - makes her sound abrasive, she's really not) :) And I started 'cleaning' in anticipation of their visit. Only....when I clean, I make a mess. It gets worse before it gets better. And the problem is, when we moved in (a year ago) we never REALLY organized things, so now I'm trying to organize, plus un-do a years worth of "just stick it there for now".


So...I'm MAKING myself tackle it one room at at time until its DONE. theory before they get here :) hah!

So the deal is, today's the kitchen. Once its done, I get to come blog something interesting (because this post is THRILLING to read, I'm quite sure!) Ok, here goes!

Let's keep our fingers crossed I make it back today! =)

1 comment:

kalurah said...

that's actually a pretty darn good idea, Sarah.
blog, clean, blog, clean.
in theory, anyway!
we'll see how it plays itself out, eh?!
speaking of organization...I'm attempting to do that on this end so it will be DONE when we get into the new house. we shall see!
have a lovely day, cleaning and blogging. :-)