Monday, March 17, 2008

You mean you QUILT them???

no one ever told me that part.

...or so it would appear

1. 'scrap' quilt for zach - hand quilting now, realizing I suck at hand quilting. hmm..
2. doll sized/mini scrap quilt - no designated owner as of yet
3. doll sized/mini scrap quilt - owner in mind
4. baby quilt for stepsister's new baby girl. ....trying to decide if I want to machine quilt it or try the sucky hand quilting. decisions decisions....


Cinnamonamon said...

Yea, putting pretty fabrics together: fun! Quilting -- especially hand quilting: not so fun.

My lazy solution: "almost quilts." I use an old blanket for the inside so you don't have to quilt it down all over. One or two runs across with the sewing machine & ta-da! ;)

Whatever you decide to do -- they're already gorgeous!

hiccupp said...

mmm...I like lazy solutions! ;) I might have to try that.

and thank you!