Thursday, March 27, 2008

Knitted Kitty Swap

I've been wanting to share this since last week, but wanted to wait until I was sure my partner received her kitty. (which she has, so let's proceed!)

A while back while browsing
Ravelry I came across a group doing a knitted kitty swap. You knit the same pattern for the kitty, but of course using your choice of yarn, needles, "embellishment", etc. and then...swap!

Provided I'm not a cat person - I am, however, a knitting dork. ...and I'm a fan of the swap ;)
I thought it would be fun because even though you're working with the same pattern, you really get to tweak it however you wish and the possibilities are endless! (If you're on ravelry, click on the post title and it will link you to the group, you can see all the kitties that have been arriving and its amazing to see how they're all so different!)

Plus, I like that I have something that someone else MADE. And it was fun to see what would show up in the mail.

Would you like to see? Well, you're in luck!

Here's what I sent:

Her name is Scrap. Partly because of my other hobbies (scrapbooking and quilting) and partly because....well...when I first knit her up....she looked pretty sad! It was one of those where the ball of yarn looked promising, but for some reason once it was knit, it didn't quite live up to my hopes. Not terrible, just not quite what I was envisioning.

BUT....all of that was solved once she got a face and her new scarf.

Much better.

Not near as 'scruffy alley cat' looking now!

How else does a cat keep a scarf on?

And the best part? Here's what I got:


She is INSANELY soft! (alpaca...mmmmmmm) and a much prettier brown than these pictures show!

And she has adorable eyes and a pretty 'necklace' (its a collar I suppose, but its to pretty to be called a collar) with a little bell even!

she's quite at home, and currently sitting on my bookshelf. love her.

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