Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bunny Pattern - V 2.0

Ok, remember way back when ::coughcoughdecembercoughcough:: I asked for volunteers to test crochet a bunny pattern? Well, between a bleak and gloomy winter, and a last minute "I don't like the way the head looks...." adjustment, its taken me this long to get to the test phase.

SO....this time we're ready to go! :) If you'd like to take 'er for a test run, shoot me an email or leave a comment here with your email. I'll be sending out text only patterns for now, as I'm currently writing/tweaking the version that will go to press. (aka: etsy shop) ;) But will get the official "pictures'n'all" copy to you within the next few days.

As a bonus? ...I personally think it would look awfully cute in an Easter basket. ...just sayin' ;)


Coley said...

You are so freaking together you make the rest of us chappys look bad...not that we need a TON of help....you know...whatever. I'll make a bunny or whatever dawg.

The Littles said...

I wish I had the talent to make a bunny, but I still can't figure out which way is up!
BTW - I don't like remakes, either, but this is almost a whole new movie unto itself. The animation is really pretty good.
OMG - could that puppy be any cuter?! I hope that she is still doing well for you. Have you named her yet?

The Littles said...

OK for some reason it's coming up as "The Littles" but it's really me.
Ahna @ Iguana Banana