Sunday, February 10, 2008

Vintage Valentine - WS '08

Just some pictures of a card I made this weekend. I had plans to make card(S) but only finished this one. :) Ah well, it felt good to sit down and work on something like this. The blank canvas approach, whereas lately most of my crafting has been pre-planned. (which I also love, but every so often its nice to just go with it)

There was actually one point where I HATED it, was ready to just scrap it and start over, I just wasn't happy with it. But then I found the green ribbon, toyed with placement for that, no that wasn't enough. Ah! lace! Used that to 'anchor' the green and a very happy Sarah proclaimed she was done! :)

This was done for a challenge - WinterStamp '08 on twopeasinabucket. My only 'guidelines' were that it needed to be a 'vintage' valentine. There was a separate challenge to create a card using 3 items you've been hoarding. (what? who? me?) So I combined the two.

The heart wreath is from a sheet of stickers I was given about a year ago, the green 'velvet' ribbon I bought OVER a year ago and have used once, and the lace was bought recently, but I realized I have about 7 different yards of lace I have bought, but not put to use. hmm.

And, as usual, the pictures are a little off. What with all of this GLORIOUS natural light we have in February! [/sarcasm]

Hopefully, I can get my chores done and get in some more card time later :)

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Sandy said...

I just loooooveeeee this valentine! You did a beautiful job on it, Sarah. Thanks for playing along with us!!!