Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thanks Target

We're strange.

No really, we're a little odd.

We buy things like this:

- entirely for the novelty. (and if you can't figure out the 'novelty' of this particular item, keep looking. if you STILL can't figure it out, its probably best to just concede that bloggers are weird and go on with your day.)

hint: whoever designed the spout placement, should be fired. Its unappealing, that's all I'll say.

So, I emailed the link to a couple of people, wanting to share in the joy of finding strange objects online. (even better when the 'strange' objects are probably owned by thousands of unsuspecting 'normal' people who never gave their snowman a second glance)

But when I showed my husband (who has lived with me too long) he determined we had to buy it. HAD to buy it. (even when I pointed out it cost more to SHIP the darn thing than what it cost...bah...I hate shipping)

So order it I did. And shortly thereafter, I get a confirmation email from target, with the following "suggested item".

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WTHeck! Because we just can't get enough liquor dispensers in this house!! ...according to Target anyway.

Now, I was tempted to be insulted by Target's recommendation. Why would they just ASSUME that I'd want some tacky liquor dispenser.

But, to be fair...I can't blame them.

1. I love tacky. I can't help it, I blame genetics. I'm convinced its a gene mutation yet undiscovered. Some day there will be help for us. Godspeed.

2. How are they to know, I'm sure someone, SOMEWHERE, would LOVE a 55oz liquor dispenser that doubles as a geography refresher. I guess? Maybe??

3. I know, I know, its computer generated, it just links random things in like categories. Quit ruining my fun.

At any rate, I'm happy to report that our new demented snowman drink dispenser arrived on our front porch this morning - safe and sound - and will be much loved....and used. I think he'll be quite happy here, in the little house that strange built.


Sandy said...

Ohhhhhh my, Sarah, that snowman is sooo funny!!!!! ROFL! Thanks for my morning giggle!!

kalurah said...

We may be confusing strange with gross, here. But whose judging?

Corinne R. said...

LOL! I love it even MORE now that I see it again.....it IS genetic.

I think you should consider the "suggested" item as well.......the world is your oyster.......er, liquor dispenser.

Marie said...

OMG-Yes defiantly a genetic (flaw???)
If you could part with it-I'm thinking "tacky gift exchange" so what comes out? I'm thinking Yellow Snow perhaps?? Love from your Crazy,genetically linked Auntie Reeee:^)

hiccupp said...

strange...gross...you may be right :)

It did cross my mind that it was "TGE" material....however, I've decided it would be better suited as the official beverage dispenser of the 2008 exchange :)

what it dispenses...I have yet to decide...