Sunday, February 3, 2008

January In Illinois

Oh, HI! Remember me? Yup, I'm still here, puttering around the house, trying to catch up on projects around here. ...trying. :)

January in Illinois is enough to commit a person to a psych ward. Its always cold and dreary, but this year has been EXCEPTIONALLY so. To the point where I haven't blogged in a while, because NOTHING has happened! And no one wants to listen to my daily weather reports (its cold, its REALLY cold, its too cold to go get the mail, its not AS cold as yesterday, its snowing)

So while I've missed my blog, and all of my blog 'peeps', I just haven't been motivated enough to bore you all to tears. (well, there's no guarantee I still won't!) :)

On the upside, I DID get my attic cleaned out. THAT was fun. (and if you believe that last statement, have yourself commited, you've been in the house too long)

And in doing so, I found the title for a car we traded in almost 2 years ago. Along with 3 boxes of stuff for goodwill, 5 boxes of trash (mostly outdated paperwork, like the 27,000 copies of breastfeeding instructions I must have been given the entire duration of my pregnancy. Since he's 3 1/2, I figured it was safe to toss those) AND now the attic is arranged in a somewhat-logical fashion.

I'm not talkin' Martha Stewart anal. (though, tempting, I did stop myself) But all the christmas 'decor' is in one area, old high school stuff finds a home together, the stack of random pictures and empty frames is co-habitating nicely, all is well in the attic world.

....just don't look at the rest of my house.

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