Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Eldridge Days

Friday night we went to Eldridge Days with my aunt and uncle. If you want a wild and crazy night, this is your gig!

...Ok, ok, its more small town Friday night action, but seriously? We had the BEST time! The weather was absolutely perfect!

We'd heard about this "Bovine Bingo" and decided to check that out first....

Bovine Bingo? You're not familiar? Allow me to explain...

I guessed it was something to the effect of, they let the cow in, and wherever she stops, or grazes, or something....was the BINGO decider? ...not so.

A crowd gathers 'round, watching the cow (whose name I've forgotten, my apologies!) and wait for her to....well, make a cow pie. Yup, that's bovine bingo. We all stood around and watched a cow, hoping she'd produce. She did not, for what its worth.

Probably the most surprising event of the night:

He. got. on. the. horse. (pony!) ohmygosh, he did it it! We couldn't believe he got on. The plan was, sit him on there, maybe get a picture, and be happy with that much. MAYBE get him to ride clutching one of us to his side, maybe.

Oh no! Not him! He got on, grabbed the saddle, and went on his way like he does this every day! (this the same boy who is suddenly - oddly - afraid of dogs and my aunt's sheep, whom he used to adore) My aunt and I just stared at each other.... See him holding the rope? and he talked about it all night long.


And of course, fireworks!

We couldn't have asked for a better night. In between the cow watching and horse riding, there was also a few trips into the inflatable jumping "things". AKA - little boy wearer-outer =)

He was TIRED by the time we got home, and that....is a good night.

We'll deffinately be going back next year! Hope you all had a great weekend!


kalurah said...

cow bingo.
I'll have to ask my father-in-law if he recalls that from when he grew up in Illinois.
I have heard of cow-tipping but never, cow-bingo.
I just got the coffee cozy today.
I love it. it's even cuter in person!
have a fabulous weekend!!!

hiccupp said...

Yippee! glad you like it :)

...and in all the years I've lived here, I'd never heard of cow bingo before that night. :)