Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Let me start by saying, electricity is a GOOD thing! Sorry for the delay in posting the contest, I had planned to have it up last night. I put the boy to bed, finished a few things, sat down to post and....thunderstorm. More importantly....lightning! *sigh* shut down, unplug. wait for later.

That was around 8. By 9:30, thunderstorm passed, now just a nice easy rain coming down. "ah! I'll finish a few rows on this scarf, finish watching nanny 911, and go post"

...Then darkness. Then the lights flickered on a second or two and, dark again. I waited a few seconds thinking "It'll kick back on" ....lights? ....hello? ....Air Conditioning? ....guys?

And then the boy CRYING upstairs....and I had to feel my way up to him without breaking my neck. Then feel my way back downstairs (you wouldn't BELIEVE how dark our house is!) to fumble for candles, and matches - which, smart mommy I am, I'd 'hidden' WAY up high. Just to make this moment that much easier. All while the boy is clenched onto me.

A few minutes later, we were on the front porch, happily eating raisins and talking about how dark it was. Go figure.

(see, I can ramble!) All that to say we didn't get power until almost 1am, after I'd set up camp in the living room (sleeping on the floor didn't always hurt did it??).

Note to self: make that stupid power outage box I'm always telling myself I'll make.

I did realize at one point, we DID have a flashlight, and retrieved it:

yeah, the doggie flashlight. It only stays on for about a minute, but it did fill the requirement in that - it makes light. Good enough!

Alright, enough about our power outage (after all, my AC works again and that's all that matters!)


First the why? I SOLD MY FIRST ETSY ITEM YESTERDAY! ...and I'm freakishly excited about it. You have no idea. =)

So to celebrate, I'm doing a little give-away!

(minus the slightly crumpled cup, my son likes to play with it and its taken a beating)
The yellow is a bit more mellow than in the picture, but still a very cute coffee cozy if I do say so. 100% cotton, wash and wear.

So here's the deal, starting...now! and ending Sunday the 15th (let's say midnight). I've picked a number between 1 and 100. (I even wrote it down) Leave a comment with your guess. Even better? Send a new reader over and when they post, you can guess a second time (or third...or fourth...)

The good news? I don't have many readers, so your chances are pretty good ;) LOL!

Have fun!


kalurah said...

um.....I'm gonna go with 30! since that is my inevitable doom. 30!!!
(quietly screaming)
T minus 82 days and counting.
congrats on the etsy sale success!!!!
I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to get my own store up and running.

keri said...

What a cute little flashlight - I love it!

Um I guess I will guess 89?? Why not?! =)

Felicia said...

LOL I love the doggie flashlight. Must look for one of those :) Congratulations on your first Etsy sale! Hope there are many more to come.

Richelle said...

Kalurah sent me to you, a mommy and a crafter she knew I would love to "meet" you. Come see me some time to!

I'm going to say 64!

Congrats on the sale. Oh yeah I my daughter has a piggy flash light your lucky your dog stays on a whole minute. Does it bark? Ours oinks everytime you try to turn it on!

kalurah said...

my son has a blue hippo one and it opens it's huge, teeth baring mouth and laughs like Goofy when you turn it on.

hiccupp said...

Thanks everyone!

Yes, the doggie flashlight 'barks' when you turn it on (which, to use it, you have to do over, and over, and over) LOL