Monday, July 16, 2007

...And The Winner Is...

Kalurah! (cheers and applause)

The number was 23. =) Send me your mail info and it will be on its merry way!

Sorry for the blog absence. We've had....a week. My son, the sweetest - most angelic child - has nearly driven me insane! =) For sure mentally drained. The kind of week where I find myself thinking "we want another one? ...and we'll have to do this AGAIN?" ;) Half kidding of course, but man he's stumped me.

You know how with parenting, just about the time you feel like you've "got it" and everything is comfortable and easy, they go and change it on you? That's never been more true than now. The sweetest, most angelic child, has decided henceforth, he needs no nap. (ah! but he DOES!) So we've been having MAJOR naptime battles...major. And its just spilling over everwhere else. What used to be a 5 minute process, is now 2 hours if I'm lucky. So blog, craft, ...sane thought patterns, have been put on hold while I try to figure out how to 'parent' this one. Tomorrow we're trying a new tactic. We'll see how it goes.

You'll know, if there is a blog post about what we did friday night, and the new bags I'm putting up in my etsy shop, you'll know naptime was a success! If not, think of me, I'm sitting at the top of the stairs, praying for a nap! :)


kalurah said...

I won, I won!
I will email you my address stat!
thank you, thank you.
I had a white mocha this morning that was just crying for that cozy!

kalurah said...

oh, I had to just convo. you through etsy. I couldn't find your email address anywhere on blogger.
hope that's okay. :-)