Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Back! ...Again. ...I think.

Oh, hey, hi there!  How's it going?  Kids are in college now?  That long? wow!

Ok, so I'm back, I hope!  I actually got the *most* AWESOME comment in my email today, (here) and it was the best kind of random.  So much so that I checked my statcounter out of curiosity to see where it came from.  In doing that, I saw that my tutorial has been posted "all over" the internet.  And by "all over" I mean "like, 3 or 4 places"  which is A LOT if you're me.  And on pinterest!  #nerdyhappydance 

 I also saw there are a lot of comments I never saw.  Apparently, my email only alerts me to the viagra, porn offers, and foreign language jumbles comments.  ::thumbs up::  So THANK you! to anyone who commented and enjoyed that post!  Had I known, I'd have responded! ;)

At any rate, all of that, along with cleaning up all the viagra links, made me realize HOW. LONG. it's been since old bloggy and I have had a chance to sit down and insult America via my crafting.  (That won't make sense if you didn't follow that link and read the crazy.)  So I fully intend to get back to it, post every week or so, hopefully make something here and there, and quite possibly, be presumptuous whilst doing it! woohoo! :)

I say "I hope" because since we talked last, I made another one of THESE:

husband giving her a once over, approves.
Callista Rose 9lbs3oz (I don't mess around. Deliciously chubby babies are my thang.)  She's two weeks old now, and just woke up FURIOUS that no one is feeding her (as happens when you're 10lbs) So I'm off to do that.  More later!


Marianna said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! OMG you make the cutest babies!!! So every time you take a blog break you make another baby, is that how it works? :)))

hiccupp said...

Thank you! We think they're pretty cute ;) and man, if you're right, I better keep blogging! ;)