Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So I'm a Slacker

Seriously. I know. Bad blogger. Wait, can I be called a blogger if I haven't blogged in months? hm.

I'd like to say its because of the baby (partially) but it's mostly intimidation. See, it kept coming out that more and more people I know in real life were reading my blog. (and for unknown reasons seemed to actually enjoy it, go figure) but then I got all overly self-conscious, as I'm prone. And then every time I sat down I felt like 100 eyes were on me. And then I walked away. And then my cousin would "gently" reminded me I hadn't blogged in months. Vicious circle.

So here I am. I'm way behind, and instead of making myself crazy trying to compose a post catching you up on the last 7months (which would be info overload, and would lead to me getting overwhelmed and deleting the whole thing...not that I've done that before) Let's just say: you missed out. It's been pretty awesome, my kids are pretty awesome, I made some awesome stuff, I found some awesome yard sale/thrift finds, and maybe a few of the really good ones will end up mentioned eventually.

I really do miss my blog. But I'm tired of being scared of it, so here I am again. Just like I'm hoping to do a craft show this fall, because I'm tired of being scared of that too. Now if I could just be comfortable in public, I'd be awesome. But let's start with blogging again and see where that gets us.

Oh, and just because every post needs a picture of something pretty cool:
a nintendo DS case that looks like an old school nintendo controller? awesome. a friend made it, and it almost makes me want to buy a DS just to have it. it's here

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Marianna said...

blog! blog! blog! I heart when you blog. Show me your fab finds, your knitty goodness and your adorable kiddo's. Blog darnit! Blog like the wind!