Thursday, April 24, 2008

Painting Pots

This is what we did last week. Its actually been ...I almost don't want to say it too loudly.... WARM. So we took a trip to True Value to buy terra cotta pots. (on a side note: either terra cotta pots have gone up in cost, or the name "true value" is a joke. cuz these suckers weren't cheap. Ok, not insanely expensive, but more than I remember clay pots being. rant over)
So we picked out his 4 pots, came home, and gave him a few good globs of acrylic paint.
And let him go nuts.
...and go nuts he did!
He'll have his own gallery next summer, I'm sure of it.
Dude, that's A LOT of green paint.
And a lot of orange....going for texture eh?

He was very into this.


But there was no convincing him that he could, ya know, paint the WHOLE pot. Pretty much just into painting the upper right 1/4 of the pot. Its cool. Artistic process and all.

Ok, Ok, I may have painted the purple one. ...and another one. I had to. Don't judge me.

Hum. This would be where my demonstration of "look, you can use your fingers to make fingerprints on the pot to look like circles" kind of backfires. A little.

Oh. Oh Boy.

Ohhhh lordy. This is the point where I put down the camera and start doing statistical analysis on the probability of getting the child TO the sink WITHOUT leaving a trail of paint on the walls. Or myself for that matter.

I'll have you know we did it. There was a good deal of kicking and crying. (no not me, I said we DIDN'T get paint all over the walls) But the promise of planting seeds calmed the chaos.

And now the pots are proudly displayed on our front steps, and even sprouting some marigolds. (I gotta say I'm shocked, I thought for sure we'd have to sneak to the garden center in about a week and plant some full grown marigolds at nap time. Who knew I can actually grow something?)

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Coley said...

Those pots are really nice. So was your yarn. I guess I don't have as much of a comment as I thought I did when I started posting this. Hmmm...